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The Trend-Setting Products in Knowledge Management 2023

When we first started thinking about trend-setting products for 2023, it was hard to contemplate any technology other than generative AI as qualifying for “trend-setting.” Upon greater reflection, however, we concluded that generative AI is not the only technology that is driving trend-setting organizations. Trend-setting products, we decided, can refer to cutting-edge technologies, software, or platforms that pioneer new approaches to KM. Other forms of AI, natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge graphs, cloud computing, low- and no-code development platforms, solutions for remote and hybrid work, collaboration tools, and a host of diverse platforms define the trend-setting products and services for 2023.

The totally remote workforce of the pandemic has morphed into a hybrid workforce. This has not stopped the need for mechanisms that allow for knowledge sharing and integrated workflows. The phrase “digital transformation” may seem a bit shopworn and cliche´d, but the idea remains relevant. The ability to collaborate with colleagues, to find accurate information quickly, and to reach across silos of data entails digital transformation in the form of cloud-powered applications, advanced enterprise search capabilities, and text analytics.

By introducing intuitive interfaces and applying AI-based technologies, trend-setting products break down silos and encourage cross-departmental knowledge exchange. The exponential growth of data is not stopping or even slowing down, resulting in organizations struggling to sift through vast amounts of information and identify relevant knowledge. Technologies, particularly generative AI, promise to uncover new opportunities for internal knowledge sharing and better customer service.

To help showcase advanced products and services, each year, KMWorld magazine looks for innovative offerings that are helping organizations derive greater benefit from their information, share knowledge more efficiently, make better decisions, improve compliance and security, effectively support employees, and communicate more seamlessly with customers.

KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Products list of 2023 is composed of the offerings of forward-thinking vendors that are leading the way in innovation.