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eGain - The state of Knowledge Management in 2023: Untapped Potential for Business Value - Survey

Knowledge management (KM) has reached an inflection point. With businesses seeking to compete on knowledge, create “wow” customer experiences, and empower their workforces, knowledge management has never taken on a more critical role. The next generation of knowledge management is boosted by the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate business processes, including even knowledge creation, and augment knowledge workers in decision making and process execution. Most recently, the hyper-successful launch of ChatGPT has rejuvenated interest in AI and knowledge management, highlighting their importance and disruptive potential to create more business value.

Our research findings show that KM still shows huge untapped potential for creating business value. Today, even departments such as customer service, IT helpdesk, and human resources in many organizations, long considered sweet spots for the use of knowledge,
have yet to adopt it, let alone leverage it to the fullest...