Turning data into gold: Knowledge graphs, AI, and machine learning

Implementing knowledge graphs is either a direct requirement or best practice for the most effectual AI techniques—many of which have significant knowledge management consequences.

Enterprise search— an evolving technology

Today's search technology is much more intelligent, and capable of returning concept-based results rather than simple word matching based on indexed content.

2021 Readers' Choice Award - Best Enterprise Search: BA Insight

BA Insight's software portfolio brings the "Google search experience" to the enterprise, transforming the outcome of digital interactions through advanced search experiences that are relevant, personalized, and actionable.

2021 Readers' Choice Award - Best Knowledge Graphs: Franz AllegroGraph

The accelerating adoption in the enterprise of the Knowledge Graph approach, which unifies business data with knowledge bases, industry terms, and domain knowledge, is clearly the future of AI and advanced analytics.

Workflow automation: Fast growing across the enterprise

To meet the increasing expectations posed by sophisticated, cross-departmental workflows and more complex buyer journeys, it is necessary to have shared, unified data.

Putting intelligent search to work

AI enables search to surmount its basic keyword limitations to become a nuanced form of simplistic linguistic interactions, and the overarching utility provided by search itself has also burgeoned into more than previously offered, even a short while ago.

Why virtual collaboration needs knowledge management

When it comes to figuring out how tools work on a technical level and how to fit them into the infrastructure, IT is the best in the business. But successful virtual collaboration requires much more than that, including clear communication, tailored trainings, role modeling, and policies that help people get their work done without driving their colleagues crazy.

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2021 Winners

The categories for the 2021 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards were wide-ranging. In all, there were 14 areas in which products and technologies could be nominated and ultimately voted upon. They include business process management, cognitive computing and AI, customer service and support, e-discovery, knowledge graphs, text analytics and NLP.

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2021

To help showcase advanced products and services, each year KMWorld magazine looks for offerings that are designed to help organizations derive greater benefit from their information, share knowledge efficiently, make better decisions, enable compliance, effectively support employees, and communicate seamlessly with customers.

Intelligent document processing: ABBYY - Vantage 2

With the ABBYY Marketplace filled with skills for any document type, Vantage puts the power of advanced intelligent document processing technology into the hands of more people with a "skill for that."

The Value of Active File Management Service: Access Corporation - Access Unify

At its core, Access Unify helps to improve turnaround times, efficiency, cost savings and productivity.

Better search, discovery, and retrieval of information: Access Innovations, Inc. - Data Harmony

Access Innovations is taking on cutting edge projects with our clients and partners to forward the implementation of thesauri, taxonomies, and ontologies, supporting better search, discovery, and retrieval of information.

Solving the most complex workflow challenges: Accusoft - PrizmDoc Suite

Shorten your development cycles and unleash the power of Accusoft's proprietary code to improve productivity, provide actionable data, and deliver results that matter.

Bringing Efficiency & Insight to Every Process that Runs on Data: Adlib Software

By being able to readily access the data that matters—and disregard the data that doesn't —enterprises reduce risk, augment processes, and reach a whole new level of performance.

Search Experiences that Get the Right Results: BA Insight - SmartHub

Providing relevant, connected, and actionable web-like search experiences for your website visitors, customers on your portal, and employees.

Collect, Connect, and Democratize Your Organization’s Knowledge with Bloomfire

Thanks to Bloomfire's deep indexing capabilities, all content becomes searchable—even the words spoken in video and audio files.

Knowledge Graphs for a Modern Data Architecture: Franz Inc. - AllegroGraph

The rich functional and contextual integration of multi-modal, predictive modeling and artificial intelligence is what distinguishes AllegroGraph as a modern, scalable, enterprise knowledge platform.

Powerful, easy-to-use data management, processing, and analysis solution: Mindbreeze - InSpire

Smart companies, leaders, and CEOs are now mapping out the "upgrade" they'll need to remain competitive and keep their employees happy and productive in the next normal.Without exception, these considerations have to involve ways to maintain a seamless flow of information between autonomous teams in hybrid-remote work arrangements—which includes minimizing the time employees waste searching for relevant information.

AI-as-a-Service Platform for Content and KM: Pryon

With Pryon, companies can reach their KM goals in every department by enabling better customer experiences, greater employee productivity, and more efficient operations.

Modern customer service—More social, more intelligent

Efficiency has been a big motivator for the use of RPA; in customer support applications, a goal has been to use bots to help agents reduce handle time for customer calls.