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KMWorld 2023 Video - Chat AI and Metadata

Can metadata generate its own data?

KMWorld 2023 Video - How to Guard Against AI Bias

AI reflects the conscious and unconscious biases of the knowledge that's fed into it and the learning model at its core. So how do we arrive at a better understanding of our AI systems' biases-knowing that we may share them and have contributed to them-and take measures to curb and counteract them?

KMWorld 2023 Video - The Global Knowledge Center: A Big Picture View

What are the key elements of a Global Knowledge Center, and what does it take to build one?

KMWorld 2023 Video - How to Measure the Impact of Your Enterprise KM Solution

Choosing the right enterprise KM solution for your organization is only half the battle; measuring its impact after you implement it, both in terms of quantitative and qualitative metrics identifiable business outcomes, is just as critical to realizing your goals and demonstrating the impact of your efforts on the business.

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2024

We think these companies play a pivotal role in shaping the future and bringing relevancy to how knowledge is harnessed and made useful across diverse sectors. They are committed to driving efficiency and effectiveness through KM to organizations of all types.

Personalization to support customer engagement and boost revenue

Over time, consumers have become accustomed to personalized results when they search for products and services. They are demanding that the brands they deal with have a deep understanding of their individual needs.

Using Generative AI for real-world KM solutions

The overarching utility derived from GenAI capabilities relies on organizations' proficiency to reduce redundancy to minimize inaccuracies, monitor outputs, and trace responses to the underlying data sources from which their responses are produced.

Master These Five KM Practices for Success

Knowledge management is a journey— not a project or a technology—and people are at the heart of it. Whether an organization is starting a new KM program or continuing to evolve and expand an existing program, it is critical to have a documented strategy and focus on all the essentials.

KMWorld 2023 Video - Why Noom Chose Glean for Enterprise KM

In this clip from KMWorld 2023, Paschal and Glean Head of Customer Success Rebecca Scales discuss Noom's decision-making matrix and how Glean matched up feature-by-feature, with Noom's needs and priorities.

KMWorld 2023 Video - How Knowledge Curation and Governance Drive Business Value

Data governance is an essential component of knowledge curation-whether tacit or explicit-and ensuring that the best and highest-value knowledge is always readily available in an organization's knowledge center.

KMWorld 2023 Video - How to Develop an Effective Knowledge Center

What is a knowledge center, and how can an organization build one with a clearly defined purpose and scope, targeted experiences personalized for users, engagement metrics, and an established governance process that will make it effective and sustainable?

Promises and Perils of AI for Enterprise Knowledge Management

This survey reveals both excitement and trepidation around enterprise AI adoption for knowledge management. Long-standing problems around information access, data quality, and speedy acquisition of needed information are the puzzle pieces that AI has the potential to solve.

KMWorld 2023 Video - How the M-23-07 Federal Mandate Impacts Government Agencies

The M-23-07 federal mandate for electronic message management and preservation goes into effect June 30, 2024 with its digitization and record-keeping requirements going into effect the next day. What will this mean for government agencies and their electronic records management practices going forward?

KMWorld 2023 Video - The ROI of KM in National Non-Profits

In this clip from KMWorld 2023, Feeding America Chief Research Officer Tom Summerfelt discusses the direct and ancillary savings the organization achieves through its well-defined KM roadmap.

KMWorld 2023 Video - 10 KM Practices That Influence Innovation

Among the 30 KM practices analyzed in a recent United Nations multivariate statistical studies, which ones correlate to KM having a strong and positive relationship to innovation?

KMWorld 2023 Video - 8 Key Categories of Knowledge Management Practices

United Nations Senior KM Adviser Owen Wilson used multivariate statistics using data collected from KM and innovation specialists working in international organizations to identify and study 30 of the most common KM practices.

KMWorld 2023 Video - What Generative AI and LLMs Can Do and Can’t Do

With all the buzz-good and bad-about Generative AI and large-language models (LLMs), and their feared usurpation of tasks typically done by wage-earning humans, what are their real, practical capabilities?

Overcoming data silos: A range of options

The options are many and varied when it comes to taming silos. The specific approach should depend on the use case, the organization's existing knowledge assets, and the strategic goals.

Modern KM tools and techniques for collaboration

Modern collaboration means and mechanisms ultimately make it easier, less risky, and more productive for organizations to work together within business units, between them, and between organizations. Constructs such as data mesh architecture, data fabric architecture, data access governance platforms, data catalogs, and process automation solutions are based on sharing information between parties—and make doing so tenable.

The future of KM is not simply AI

Until KM systems can achieve trust in AI, a totally AI-centric workplace will be a fantasy. The future of KM will be based on collaborative work habits, fueled by technology that encourages knowledge sharing, enhances productivity, supports employees to have a healthy work life, and accepts that not every aspect of knowledge management is technology-reliant.