KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2021

To help showcase advanced products and services, each year KMWorld magazine looks for offerings that are designed to help organizations derive greater benefit from their information, share knowledge efficiently, make better decisions, enable compliance, effectively support employees, and communicate seamlessly with customers.

Intelligent document processing: ABBYY - Vantage 2

With the ABBYY Marketplace filled with skills for any document type, Vantage puts the power of advanced intelligent document processing technology into the hands of more people with a "skill for that."

The Value of Active File Management Service: Access Corporation - Access Unify

At its core, Access Unify helps to improve turnaround times, efficiency, cost savings and productivity.

Better search, discovery, and retrieval of information: Access Innovations, Inc. - Data Harmony

Access Innovations is taking on cutting edge projects with our clients and partners to forward the implementation of thesauri, taxonomies, and ontologies, supporting better search, discovery, and retrieval of information.

Solving the most complex workflow challenges: Accusoft - PrizmDoc Suite

Shorten your development cycles and unleash the power of Accusoft's proprietary code to improve productivity, provide actionable data, and deliver results that matter.

Bringing Efficiency & Insight to Every Process that Runs on Data: Adlib Software

By being able to readily access the data that matters—and disregard the data that doesn't —enterprises reduce risk, augment processes, and reach a whole new level of performance.

Search Experiences that Get the Right Results: BA Insight - SmartHub

Providing relevant, connected, and actionable web-like search experiences for your website visitors, customers on your portal, and employees.

Collect, Connect, and Democratize Your Organization’s Knowledge with Bloomfire

Thanks to Bloomfire's deep indexing capabilities, all content becomes searchable—even the words spoken in video and audio files.

Knowledge Graphs for a Modern Data Architecture: Franz Inc. - AllegroGraph

The rich functional and contextual integration of multi-modal, predictive modeling and artificial intelligence is what distinguishes AllegroGraph as a modern, scalable, enterprise knowledge platform.

Powerful, easy-to-use data management, processing, and analysis solution: Mindbreeze - InSpire

Smart companies, leaders, and CEOs are now mapping out the "upgrade" they'll need to remain competitive and keep their employees happy and productive in the next normal.Without exception, these considerations have to involve ways to maintain a seamless flow of information between autonomous teams in hybrid-remote work arrangements—which includes minimizing the time employees waste searching for relevant information.

AI-as-a-Service Platform for Content and KM: Pryon

With Pryon, companies can reach their KM goals in every department by enabling better customer experiences, greater employee productivity, and more efficient operations.

Top considerations for ECM and content services

Content services' contemporary reliance on advanced analytics and cloud connectivity means more than an improved ability to meet its goals—which are increasingly taking the form of process automation.

What’s ahead at KMWorld 2021

Jane Dysart, KMWorld conference chair, and founding partner and curator of curiosity, Dysart & Jones Associates, provides a look at what's ahead for KMWorld 2021 attendees. The conference will be held November 15-18, 2021 at the JW Marriott Washington, DC

AI 50 Spotlight: Alation - Data Intelligence + Human Brilliance

By enabling data users of varying technical skill sets to easily find, understand, and collaborate on data, organizations can build successful AI models fueled by trustworthy and reliable data that drive innovation, growth, and operational efficiencies.

AI 50 Trailblazer: BA Insight - Web Visitors, Customers, and Employees Are Simply Frustrated

BA Insight's software portfolio transforms the outcome of digital interactions through advanced search experiences that are relevant, personalized, and actionable. Our AI-driven, connector-based software works within the enterprise, customer portals, and websites. It turns searches into actionable insights, regardless of where your content or users reside.

AI 50 Trailblazer: Deloitte - How the future of work is shaping knowledge management

Rapid technological advances have poised knowledge management to evolve from a static, back-office activity focused on documenting and warehousing information to a dynamic, AI-powered platform that enables organizations to create, understand, and act on knowledge more effectively than ever before. To be able to take advantage of these emerging technologies, organizations need to marry two critical elements: the physical systems and infrastructures to support the technology, and the processes, incentives, and culture that encourage people to use it.

AI 50 Trailblazer: Enterprise Knowledge - Taking Enterprise AI from Strategy, to Prototyping, to Scaled Implementations

What separates EK as a leader in this space is our 70+ full-time experts that bring combination of discrete disciplines, including library and information science, data science and ML engineering, ontology and knowledge graphs, and Agile facilitation and change management, with long track records of success culled from our past experiences of delivering over 100 advanced KM solutions.

AI 50 Trailblazer: Entity-Event Knowledge Graph Solutions: Franz Inc.

The rich functional and contextual integration of multi-modal, predictive modeling and artificial intelligence is what distinguishes AllegroGraph as a modern, scalable, enterprise analytic platform. AllegroGraph is the first big temporal Knowledge Graph technology that encapsulates a novel entity-event model natively integrated with domain ontologies and metadata, and dynamic ways of setting the analytics lens on all entities in the system.

AI 50 Trailblazer: Automation and AI by KMS Lighthouse

KMS Lighthouse automation technology saves millions per year by learning from historical free text customer engagements to streamline ticketing, email and chat for employees and customers. The intent analysis makes it easy to understand the level of urgency and escalations, for instance, order not received, wrong billing issues and more.

AI 50 Trailblazer: Mindbreeze - The Cure for AI FOMO

Mindbreeze can bring actual cost and time savings to your business. How does our solution do that? It helps companies find and analyze information with great accuracy and consistency using deep learning. It interprets data semantically, extracts relevant information, and delivers the right kind of insights to improve your decision-making process quickly and effortlessly. As a result, you get an illuminating view of your business that considers the bigger picture and finds things you would otherwise miss out on.