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Quark adds semantic AI into structured content in latest release of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen

New Semantic AI capabilities supercharge self-service content creation and publishing processes to support faster time to value 

CAST Highlight now features AI chat integration for understanding custom app complexities

CAST, the software intelligence leader, is debuting a new generative AI (GenAI)-based capability to CAST Highlight, the automated observability and governance solution for custom-built software. This AI functionality, AI Advisor (currently in beta), puts IT executives closer to insights regarding their complex custom application portfolios, surfacing key strategic data relating to cloud, technical debt, compliance, costs, and sustainability. 

Docuvela debuts Veladocs, aims to transform document management on AWS

Industry veterans unveil a cloud-native solution featuring intuitive natural language searching and an exclusive early access program for select customers

Thomson Reuters expands vision for CoCounsel, its professional-grade GenAI assistant

Designed to enable professionals to accelerate and streamline entire workflows to increase efficiency, produce better work, and deliver more value for their clients

o9 expands partnership with Microsoft Azure OpenAI to centralize unstructured data for enterprise supply chain planning

Breaking down silos will enable every supply chain planner to perform at the level of the most experienced planners within the organization in real-time

Stravito supercharges confident knowledge search with latest conversational AI

Stravito, the enterprise insights platform democratizing access to market research in the world's largest organizations, is debuting Stravito Assistant, a generative AI (GenAI)-powered insights companion that enables insights professionals and business stakeholders to make informed, trusted decisions by engaging with proprietary data via rapid conversational search.

ZBeta debuts Enterprise Security Risk Practice to reshape security consulting services

The heart of ZBeta's methodology is data, revolutionizing the way the value of security initiatives is demonstrated and measured

Five9 introduces Zendesk integrations to unify the agent workspace

New tools streamline contact center workflows and improve agent and customer experiences

Descope drives greater self-service and frictionless onboarding for its CIAM platform

Descope, the drag-and-drop customer authentication and identity management platform, is introducing new onboarding and self-service capabilities to its CIAM platform that enable enterprises to keep up with the evolving demands of customer expectations.

Pipeliner CRM v5.4 delivers enhanced reporting capabilities

Latest v5.4 release addresses customer requests to enrich in-platform CRM reporting

Accenture invests in Sanctuary AI to reinvent the workforce

Sanctuary AI bring human-like intelligence to general-purpose robots

Elastic now supports Cohere’s text embedding models

Developers can now natively use the Elastic vector database to store and search Cohere's new int8 text embeddings

Botkeeper Infinite brings elevated and innovative approach to bookkeeping

Botkeeper Infinite is now available to accounting firms

Mindee transforms the data preparation process with new AI document-processing tool

docTI leverages AI to enable custom document processing in minutes

Scrut Automation secures $10M in funding round to help companies maintain compliance programs

Scrut Automation is a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform that helps mid-market companies build, manage, and maintain enterprise-grade risk and compliance programs

Investigating LLM ethics, safety, and misuse

Eduardo Kassner, chief data and AI officer for high tech segment at Microsoft and Zoiner Tejada, CEO at Solliance joined KMWorld's webinar, Safeguarding LLM Deployment: Model Evaluation and Red Teaming

Supersimple raises $2.2M to empower B2B companies to answer complex ad-hoc data questions with no code

Pre-seed company and repeat AI founders target B2B SaaS companies with AI-native data analytics platform

Augmenting KM with AI: 2024 trends, impacts, and solutions

Joe McKendrick, author and analyst for Unisphere Research, and Jason Zhou, VP of solutions, services, and customer success at Pryon, joined KMWorld's webinar, Knowledge AI in 2024: Trends, Impacts & Predictions, to examine how AI can be effectively used to extract knowledge from enterprise content, acknowledging both its barriers and crucial strategies.

Coveo adds groundbreaking GenAI innovations in the New Coveo Spring Release

Innovations to Coveo's Enterprise AI Platform facilitate deployment of multi-channel enterprise-grade generative answering that delivers bottom-line business results, with the click of a button

Managing the intersection of KM and exceptional customer experiences

Experts in CX joined KMWorld's webinar, Top KM Practices for Optimizing Customer Experience, to discuss the top KM strategies for inviting top-notch CX