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Forcepoint debuts security solution for securing data across GenAI implementations

Forcepoint, a global leader in data-first cybersecurity solutions, is debuting its comprehensive generative AI (GenAI) security solution designed to enable secure, transparent control across GenAI platforms. Featuring an integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT Enterprise Compliance API, Forcepoint's GenAI Security solution empowers both enterprise and government agencies to utilize GenAI innovations while adhering to robust data security and compliance standards.

FieldPulse to collaborate with Marketing 360 to amplify growth for marketing and business operations

Trade businesses can optimize their field service processes and marketing capabilities to improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and grow revenue

ScienceLogic’s Skylar AI suite aims to redefine the possibilities of ITOps

ScienceLogic, a leader in automated IT operations, is debuting Skylar AI, a new human-centric AI suite designed to enable enterprises to intelligently process and respond to business challenges. Skylar AI leverages generative AI (GenAI) technology paired with unsupervised machine learning and human-in-the-loop automation training models to deliver accurate predictions, tailored recommendations, and intelligent automations for business efficiency.

Miro debuts Intelligent Canvas to accelerate the innovation lifecycle

Includes a series of new capabilities that will redefine how teams bring new products and services to market

Nexis+ AI transforms corporate research with extensive, effortless information retrieval and summarization

LexisNexis?Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, is debuting Nexis+ AI, a generative AI (GenAI)-powered decision intelligence platform that enhances corporate research processes. Born from the fact that there is more data than ever, yet data consumers have less time to access that information, Nexis+ AI empowers these entities with highly efficient, highly effortless research processes, giving enterprises a competitive edge.

Murf Speech Gen 2 sets new standards in AI voice over for enterprises

Murf Speech Gen 2 provides advanced customization features; variability, emphasis and ‘Say It My Way'

Forwrd.ai acquires LoudnClear.ai to create no-code data science automation for RevOps teams

Acquisition marks a pivotal step in corporate strategy

Where GenAI fits and where it doesn’t: Examining implementation with Lucidworks

Phil Ryan, VP strategy and innovation at Lucidworks, and Eric Redman, senior director, data science and analytics at Lucidworks, joined KMWorld's webinar, Governing Enterprise Knowledge in the AI Era: Enhancing Relevance with LLMs and RAG, to examine a variety of methods that employ LLMs and RAG to revolutionize business knowledge management—including enhanced tagging, categorization, summarization, and more.

Zone & Co streamlines accounts payable processes with latest acquisition

Zone & Co, a leading provider of ERP-expanding software solutions for the CFO's office, is announcing its acquisition of Staria Flow—an end-to-end accounts payable (AP) automation solution—integrating the technology with the Zone platform. This acquisition reflects Zone's dedication toward offering the most holistic, robust ERP-expanding software for enterprises of any size, according to the vendor.

Squirro acquires Synaptica, creates fusion of generative AI and knowledge graph solutions

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies

IGEL expands Microsoft relationship, empowering frontline workflows, device security, and more

These enhancements aim to empower organizational productivity, efficiency, and security when working with Microsoft

Crelate introduces powerful new reporting features to its Crelate Talent Platform

These updates allow customers to better see and analyze their data in real time

Egnyte introduces Copilot to supercharge knowledge work

Egnyte Copilot features include summarization, Knowledge Base Q&A, and transcription

Capacity’s recent acquisitions expand its support automation platform with speech synthesis and AI-powered agents

Capacity, an AI-powered support automation platform relentlessly focused on improving the customer journey, is announcing the recent acquisition of CereProc and SmartAction, two companies that focus on enhancing touchpoints with speech tools and AI-powered agents, respectively. The acquisition will bring both talent and technology to Capacity, driving the company's ability to deliver scalable voice and virtual agent software, according to the vendor.

New subscription plans for Foxit’s eSign solution empower individuals and enterprises alike

Foxit, a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature solutions, is debuting two new eSignature subscription plans for both individuals and organizations of all sizes. The two subscription tiers—Foxit eSign Essentials Plan and Foxit eSign Business Plan—emphasize a set of comprehensive services that fit the needs of several entities.

Augmenting product discovery and ecommerce journeys with GenAI

Experts joined KMWorld's webinar to explore how GenAI is rapidly changing the world of search and product experiences, from technological requirements to customer expectations

Qdrant introduces pure vector-based hybrid search solution

This release helps to make vector search more universally applicable

Maxim AI raises $3M to help enterprises test and rapidly ship AI products

The Maxim stack provides end-to-end AI evaluation across the development lifecycle

Cloudflare adds the ability to create AI-generated captions for on-demand videos and recordings of live streams

With Stream's integrated solution, the caption generation process is seamlessly integrated into the existing video management workflow, saving time and resources

Emerging strategies, sentiments, and solutions for KM and AI

KMWorld's webinar, Rethinking KM for Agility, Efficiency, and Innovation, explored recent advancements in AI and related technologies that propel KM strategies toward their central goals