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  • March 13, 2024
  • By Marydee Ojala Editor in Chief, KMWorld, Conference Program Director, Information Today, Inc.
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KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2024

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This year’s list of 100 companies that matter in KM reflects both the evolving landscape in which KM operates and the enduring value of knowledge sharing. The KMWorld team thoroughly enjoys putting together this list. It reminds us of how much innovation is occurring and the resulting impact of KM on efficiency, cost savings, and employee happiness. We have on the list companies with a long history in KM along with newcomers, which indicates the importance of innovation, creativity, and understanding the true value of KM.

Although the attention paid to generative AI this past year has been truly staggering, companies on the list recognize that GenAI is not the only game in town. They leverage many technologies, AI-based and not, to optimize knowledge extraction, organization, and dissemination. These companies understand the importance of harnessing intellectual capital and transforming it into a strategic asset, while not losing track of the importance of people in the KM process.

We think these companies play a pivotal role in shaping the future and bringing relevancy to how knowledge is harnessed and made useful across diverse sectors. They are committed to driving efficiency and effectiveness through KM to organizations of all types.

Emerging technologies such as GenAI, coupled with enhancements to the time-tested technologies of machine learning, semantic search, natural language processing, cloud computing, knowledge graphs, and chatbots, have resulted in enormous strides in knowledge management and knowledge sharing. Companies on the list are wonderful examples of how these technologies help organizations unlock the power of knowledge in innovative and creative ways. They stand out in the KM field and we applaud their accomplishments.

As always, the list is meant to generate interest and to spark discussion. Let us know what you think and alert us to anything we might have missed.


We encourage you to visit the websites of the companies on this year’s list. Also, in the links to the Views From the Top, executives share their opinions on the state of the knowledge economy and how their solutions help customers realize their business goals.

  • ABBYYPutting your information to work with purpose-built AI, ABBYY combines innovation and experience to transform data from business- critical documents into intelligent, actionable outcomes in more than 200 languages in real time.
  • AccentureA leading global professional services company that helps the world’s prominent businesses, governments, and other organizations build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth, and enhance citizen services—creating tangible value at speed and scale.
  • AccessFrom secure storage to document digitization, Access offers end-to-end solutions, a technology-enabled suite of digital transformation services, and unrivaled expertise to help your organization with its complete records lifecycle.
  • Access InnovationsEmpowers clients to realize their search goals by leveraging its Data Harmony suite and its team of semantic experts to build explainable AI that can increase search precision by more than 90% and productivity by more than 7x.
    To Learn more, read Heather Kotula, President & CEO, Access Innovations'  View from the Top.
  • Acrolinx North AmericaAcrolinx is an AI-powered software company that improves the quality and effectiveness of enterprise content, increasing content’s value by streamlining its creation, governing it against established writing guidelines, and improving its impact across time.
  • Adlib SoftwareAdlib Software fully automates the discovery, extraction, and conversion of information from hundreds of document types, making them shareable and searchable.
  • AdobeA global provider of digital media and digital marketing solutions whose creative, marketing, and document solutions allow everyone—from emerging artists to global brands—to bring digital creations to life and deliver immersive, compelling experiences to the right person at the right moment.
  • AISERAA leading provider of generative AI solutions, Aisera helps enterprises boost revenue, improve user productivity, lower operating expenses, and create magical user experiences.
  • AlationAlation provides enterprise data intelligence solutions that enable self-service analytics, cloud transformation, and data governance.
  • AmeliaOffering a platform that develops and deploys AI tools that manage critical tasks and processes, Amelia enables employees to be more productive and deliver better results while reducing operational costs.
  • AppianA software company that automates business processes, Appian provides the Appian AI Process Platform which includes everything you need to design, automate, and optimize even the most complex processes, from start to finish.
  • ASG TechnologiesNow part of Rocket Software and provider of information management solutions that capture, manage, govern, and enable organizations to understand and support all types of information assets (structured and unstructured) and stay compliant.
  • Automation AnywhereA leader in intelligent automation solutions that put AI to work across every aspect of an organization, Automation Anywhere empowers enterprises worldwide to unleash productivity gains, drive innovation, improve customer service, and accelerate business growth.
  • AvePointProviding the most advanced platform to optimize SaaS operations and secure collaboration, more than 17,000 customers worldwide rely on AvePoint solutions to modernize the digital workplace across Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and other collaboration environments.
  • AWSAWS provides a comprehensive cloud platform featuring a range of offerings, such as AWS Contact Center Intelligence, which enables organizations to leverage AWS machine learning capabilities with their current contact center provider to gain greater efficiencies and deliver increasingly tailored customer experiences.
  • AxwayAxway enables enterprises to securely open everything by integrating and moving data across a complex world of new and old technologies with Axway Amplify, an open API management platform that makes APIs easier to discover and reuse across multiple teams, vendors, and cloud environments.
  • Beyond LimitsBeyond Limits is an industrial-grade, hybrid AI company that optimizes operations, boosts efficiency, and increases productivity for demanding industries including energy, advanced manufacturing, fintech, and healthcare.
  • BloomfireA KM platform company that provides a central, searchable place for information and insights empowering enterprise-wide collaboration and banishing knowledge silos.
  • Blue PrismProvider of intelligent automation solutions powered by AI and machine learning that helps deliver strategic business goals at speed and scale while saving time and resources.
  • Cambridge SemanticsA modern data management and enterprise analytics software company, Cambridge Semantics offers Anzo, the most complete, scalable, and powerful knowledge graph platform available today.
  • Cloud Software Group - TIBCOA global leader in enterprise data, TIBCO empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world’s most complex, data-driven challenges.
  • CollibraHelping customers do more with trusted data, Collibra provides the Data Intelligence Cloud, bringing flexible governance, continuous quality, and built-in privacy to the world’s leading brands.
  • CoveoCoveo offers a single SaaS platform and robust suite of AI and GenAI models that are designed to transform the total experience from CX to EX across websites, ecommerce, services, and workplaces.
    To Learn more, read Patrick Martin, Coveo's Chief Customer Officer's View From the Top.
  • CreatioCreatio delivers the freedom to own enterprise automation with its no-code platform, designed to automate workflows and CRM as well as help in building applications with intuitive and robust nocode design tools.
  • DataikuThe platform for Everyday AI, Dataiku enables data experts and domain experts to work together to build data into their daily operations, from advanced analytics to generative AI. 
  • Data Conversion LaboratoryUsing the latest innovations in AI, including machine learning and natural language processing, DCL helps businesses organize and structure data and content for modern technologies and platforms.
  • DeloitteDeloitte offers a variety of services—including audit and assurance, consulting, regulatory services, risk and financial advisory, and tax services—to empower trust and confidence for its clients, as well as help them achieve business goals, solve complex problems, and make meaningful progress.
  • Earley Information ScienceA professional services firm designed to address product data, content assets, customer data, and corporate knowledgebases, helping clients efficiently organize, access, and utilize their data for better business outcomes.
  • eGain Infused with AI and analytics, eGain offers the eGain Knowledge Hub, which improves customer experience and reduces agent effort with virtual assistance, self-service, and modern agent desktop tools.
    To Learn more, read Anand Subramaniam, eGain SVP Marketing's View from the Top.
  • elastic.co Elastic delivers complete, cloud-based, AI-powered solutions for enterprise security, observability, and search built on the Elasticsearch platform, the development platform used by thousands of companies.
  • Enterprise Knowledge Delivers a range of advanced learning solutions combining advanced knowledge, information strategy, and leading technologies that drive performance while maximizing employee capabilities and satisfaction to address modern business challenges and accelerate ROI.
    To Learn more, read Zach Wahl, Enterprise Knowledge Founder & CEO's View From the Top.
  • expert.aiProviding a purpose-built, natural language platform that pairs simple and powerful tools with a proven hybrid AI approach, expert.ai combines symbolic and machine learning to solve real-world problems and enhance business operations at speed and scale.
  • FactorBy creating alignment across organizational business capabilities, strategies, and user profiles, Factor helps enterprise leaders trust their data to make better decisions, breakdown internal silos, power AI, and build sustainable success.
  • FeithThe security-first records platform that helps organizations manage critical documents, data, and business processes built with companies’ unique requirements for their critical documents in mind.
  • Foxit SoftwareAddresses the need of three distinct market segments— end-user productivity, volume automation, and software development— with market-leading and innovative PDF products and services. 
    To Learn more, read DeeDee Kato, Vice President Corporate Marketing, Foxit's View From the Top.
  • FranzAn early innovator in AI and leading supplier of semantic graph database technology, as well as the developer of AllegroGraph, a horizontally scalable, high-performance, and transactional semantic graph, vector, and document database platform which turns complex data into actionable business insights.
    To Learn more, read Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz's View From the Top.
  • GoLinks— Makes people-centric products and purpose-built solutions that deliver information to your fingertips, including memorable short links, enterprise search, and knowledge discovery solutions.
  • GoogleThe multinational technology company dedicated to organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful with a variety of products, including its widely used search engine, cloud computing services, productivity, collaboration, marketing, and communication tools for businesses and consumers alike.
  • Grid DynamicsA global digital engineering company that enables its clients to improve efficiency, value, and innovation to better serve their customers and grow their business with end-to-end solutions in digital commerce, AI, data, and cloud.
  • HylandOffers intelligent solutions that seamlessly integrate content, data, and processes to improve the way enterprises work and the experiences they provide to the people they serve.
  • IBMEmpowers their customers’ systems to become faster, more productive, and more secure, helping them solve the most critical business problems with a range of solutions from automation, to data management, AI, IT modernization, edge computing, security, asset management, and more.
  • InMomentDelivers experience improvement technology to help organizations unlock a comprehensive understanding of not only the actions people are taking, but also the emotion driving what they do and why, focusing on the intersection of where customer, employee, and business needs converge.
  • JourneyTEAMHelps companies implement business solutions and improvements through Microsoft technologies, specializing in all three Microsoft Clouds—Modern Workplace, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Business Applications, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.
  • KenticoCreates exceptional digital experiences efficiently with its hybrid headless digital experience platform, combining the strengths of a headless CMS with traditional content management and exceptional digital marketing capabilities from a single pane of glass.
  • KhorosThe digital-first customer engagement platform that enables teams to efficiently deliver the seamless experience customers deserve, revolutionizing CX for digital care, messaging, chat, social marketing, and online communities.
  • KMS LighthouseDrives smarter, better business interactions with its KM solutions that boost productivity and efficiency with a powerhouse of digitized knowledge that’s easy to update, collaborate, share, or provide feedback in real time.
    To Learn more, read Sagi Eliyahu, CEO, KMS Lighthouse's View from the Top.
  • Kodak AlarisDelivers intelligent document processing and data capture solutions that help businesses make sense of their information, automating and simplifying business processes to accelerate results.
  • Kore.aiA leading provider of advanced AI technology culminating in an innovative platform, no-code tools, and solutions, used to deliver end-to-end customer and employee experiences—from automated to human-assisted—and to build generative AI-enabled applications.
  • KyndiThe generative AI answer engine for enterprises delivering immediate, accurate, and trusted answers to enterprise users with the power of large language models (LLMs), now owned by Qlik.
  • LucidworksProvides solutions that personalize the discovery experience to uncover actionable insights about user intent and rapidly delivers them to the relevant channels of engagement to empower meaningful insights from anywhere and available everywhere.
  • LumAppsA modern intranet packaged solution that enables employees to feel connected to their organization and engage in their work from anywhere, acting as a digital HQ where employees gather to be informed, inspired, collaborate, share knowledge, and do great work.
  • MC+AOffers strategic consulting and implementation services that help its clients make the value of their data visible through performance improvements, lower operational costs, and enabling personalized customer experiences.
    To Learn more, read Michael Cizmar, President & Managing Director, MC+A's View From the Top.
  • metaphactsAccelerates customers’ knowledge graph journeys and helps them drive decision intelligence through knowledge democratization, as well as improve data literacy and reach smarter business decisions with data.
  • M-FilesA leading platform for knowledge work automation, M-Files features an innovative metadata-driven architecture, embed- ded workflow engine, and advanced artificial intelligence, which enables customers to eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and automate security and compliance.
    To Learn more, read Antti Nivala, Founder & CEO, M-File 's View from the Top.
  • MicrosoftProvides a wide range of products and solutions aimed toward advancing human and organizational achievement, enabling digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge, whether in the cloud or on-premise.
  • MicroStrategyAn intelligence platform that provides access to AI-powered workflows, unlimited data sources, cloud-native technologies, and unparalleled performance to speed up time from data to action, helping enterprises align AI/BI tech with company visions.
  • MindbreezeA leading international provider of appliances and cloud services for enterprise search, applied AI, and KM, offering businesses a personalized, 360-degree view of company knowledge.
    To Learn more, read Daniel Fallmann, CEO, Mindbreeze's View from the Top.
  • NICEHelps brands deliver the best CX possible, no matter the touchpoint, with effortless, consistent, and personalized digital-first experiences with CXone, the world’s leading cloud CX platform.
  • NintexImproves the ways businesses work with process management and automation software for visually managing, quickly automating, and continuously optimizing business processes and workflows.
  • Northern LightProvides KM solutions for competitive intelligence and market research with SinglePoint, an AI-powered enterprise portal platform designed to serve complex global organizations without adding a heavy burden on IT.
    To Learn more, read C. David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light's View From the Top.
  • OpenstreamA conversational AI company delivering the most state-of-the-art enterprise-class conversational AI ecosystem available, including EVA, a multimodal plan-based conversational AI platform for engaging audiences to understand objectives and help achieve goals.
  • OpenTextHelps organizations tackle the most complex digital transformation programs with its complete and integrated information management platform that empowers customers to organize, integrate, and protect data and content as it flows through business processes inside and outside their organization.
  • OptimizelyReinvents how marketing and product teams work to create and optimize digital experiences across all channels with its digital experience platform (DXP) which orchestrates entire content lifecycles, monetizes every digital experience, and experiments across all touchpoints.
  • OracleHelps people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities with its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • ProcedureFlowAccelerates employee proficiency by democratizing processes and making them accessible to all employees, putting to rest the never-ending knowledgebase that makes it difficult to find the answers you’re looking for.
  • Progress SoftwareProvides software that enables organizations to develop and deploy their mission-critical applications and experiences, as well as effectively manage their data platforms, cloud, and IT infrastructure.
    To Learn more, read Matthieu Jonglez, Vice President Technology, Application & Data Platform, Progress Software's View From the Top.
  • ProofpointProofpoint protects your people, data, and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks. Its Aegis platform, an AI/ML-powered threat protection platform, disarms today’s advanced attacks, including BEC, phishing, ransomware, and supply chain threats.
  • PryonAn AI company focused on enterprise knowledge management with a natural language processing platform that transforms unstructured data into experiences that increase productivity with accuracy and speed.
  • PureinsightsHelps customers go “beyond search,” using knowledge graphs, machine learning, and natural language processing to build enterprise search applications that understand user intent and deliver answers they want. 
  • QualtricsProvides the Qualtrics XM Platform, a system of action that helps businesses attract customers who stay longer and buy more, engage employees who build a positive culture, develop breakthrough products people love, and build a brand people are passionate about.
  • QuarkA pioneer in content design, digital publishing, and content automation since 1981, its customers today rely on Quark for closed-loop content lifecycle management. 
    To Learn more, read Martin Owen, CEO, Quark's View From the Top.
  • RaytionDesigns cognitive search applications and KM strategies that let users find the right in- formation at the right time, increasing productivity and conversion rates and enabling active knowledge integration. It configures, adapts, and customizes the leading KM platforms.
  • RWS—Helps customers to connect with and bring new ideas to people globally by communicating business-critical content at scale and enabling the protection and realization of their innovations.
  • SalesforceDelivers a CRM solution that brings companies and customers together with a single, integrated platform that enables all departments, including marketing, sales, commerce, and service, to have a shared view of every customer.
  • SAPHelps people and organizations gain deep business insights and foster collaboration, particularly through its Enterprise Knowledge Management, which is Java-based and portal-based, and provides the means to connect information in both Java systems and ABAP systems.
  • SearchBloxProvides enterprise search, sentiment analysis, and text analytics solutions based on Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene to address customers’ data management needs, including web-based administration and integrated data connectors, and to index enterprise and web content.
  • SearchUnifyA cognitive platform that fuels the unification of disparate data silos to build a centralized content repository, an insights engine that articulates analytics to monitor KPIs and react to changing trends in real time.
  • Semantic Web CompanyA provider of graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solutions that help companies manage corporate knowledge graphs, extract useful knowledge from big datasets, and integrate both structured and unstructured data.
    To Learn more, read Andeas Blumauer, Co-Founder and CEO, Semantic Web's View From the Top.
  • ServiceNowOffers a cloud-based platform and solutions that help digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow, while enabling employees and customers to be more connected, more innovative, and more agile.
  • Shelf.ioIts technology enables organizations to optimize knowledge from any source, assess the content’s quality, and deliver the right answers to agents, chatbots, and customers using generative AI to deliver scalable, consistent answers.
  • SimpplrProvides software for today’s modern employee intranet, helping companies connect their workforce by streamlining internal communications, forging employee connections, providing better user experience, and enabling higher employee adoption rates.
  • SinequaDelivers an intelligent enterprise search platform for global 2000 companies and government agencies that connects people with the information, expertise, and insights necessary for organizations to become information-driven.  
  • SisenseAn AI-driven embedded analytics platform that accelerates product innovation by equipping product and development teams with a complete suite of no-, low-, and pro-code tools by embedding context-aware insights and analytics into data products in a modular, flexible, and scalable way.
  • SmarshEnables companies to transform oversight into foresight by surfacing business-critical signals in their digital communications-based, cloud-native digital capture, retention, and oversight solutions to help them identify regulatory and reputational risks.
  • SquirroProvides enterprise-ready generative AI for search, insights, and automation. Its AI intelligence layer, coupled with SquirroGPT Web, a retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) digital assistant, helps drive better business decisions.
  • SwirlAs open source software, Swirl Metasearch uses AI to simultaneously search multiple content and data sources, returning AI-ranked results with responses related to your data. A commercial version is available on Microsoft Azure.
    To Learn more, read Sid Probstein, President, Swirl's View From the Top.
  • SynapticaOffers a text analytics platform that enables enterprises to analyze content collections, extract named entities, and perform precision in-line concept indexing and categorization so taxonomy management is simple and efficient.
  • ThereforeProvides information management software for businesses of all sizes in every industry and department to increase security, make documents more accessible, increase visibility of changes, and help employees become more efficient and productive.
  • ThoughtSpotAn AI-powered analytics company, ThoughtSpot delivers a complete platform for the modern data stack spanning the entire spectrum of business intelligence needs, from ad hoc novel analysis with a code-first approach to code-free self-service exploration and AI-driven monitoring powered by natural language.
  • TopQuadrantHelps organizations succeed in data governance with TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG), which is built on standards-based knowledge graph technology.
  • Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax)The trusted global leader in intelligent automation, offering cutting-edge, AI-powered software that helps businesses seamlessly automate their most data-intensive workflows across business-critical use cases.
  • UiPathOffers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining a robotic process automation solution with a full suite of capabilities to enable organizations to scale digital business operations at unprecedented speed.
  • Upland Software/RightAnswersThrough its KCS-verified enterprise KM software, Upland/RightAnswers delivers connected knowledge to internal staff and customers, leading to a trusted knowledge-sharing culture.
    To Learn more, read Samantha Middlebrook, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Managment Contact Center Productivity, RightAnswers's View From the Top.
  • USUProvides IT and customer service management software and services through intelligent chatbots, voicebots, established self-service systems, and active KM software.
  • VerintProvides a customer engagement platform based on knowledge as a service that helps the world’s most iconic brands—including more than 85 of the Fortune 100 companies— build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise.
  • VeritasEnsures secure multi-cloud data management, including protection, recoverability, and compliance of organizations’ data, and delivers the resilience they need to guard against disruptions threatened by cyberattacks like ransomware.
  • VMware by BroadcomA global technology leader that designs, develops, and supplies a broad range of semiconductor enterprise software and security solutions.
  • YextOffers a digital experience platform that powers both owned and third-party experiences and a search engine that offers businesses an AI-powered experience to significantly increase customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • ZohoMakes computer software and web-based business tools, including Zoho Office Suite, and a new collaboration platform called Trident that helps users communicate across different channels via email, messages, audio/video calls, shared calendars, and more.
  • ZoomInfoDrives more predictable, accelerated, and sustainable growth for its customers through integrations embedded into workflows and technology stacks, including CRM, sales engagement, marketing automation, and talent management applications.
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