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Go Beyond Just Integrating Data: Discover the Meaning Behind Your Data - Progress Software Corporation

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The goal of knowledge management is quite simple: put the right information in front of the right person at the right time to enable better, more informed and contextualized decisions. And the ability to make those decisions usually lies deep in a company’s data—particularly, its metadata.

Progress® Semaphore™ is a metadata management and semantic AI platform that helps organizations manage knowledge models and automatically extract and classify both structured and unstructured data to generate rich semantic metadata. Semaphore removes layers of information complexity, addresses problems related to unstructured data, language ambiguity and data silos and enables organizations to transform their data into information for meaningful, actionable intelligence.

Scalable and Feature-Rich

With Semaphore, organizations get an enterprise scalable, business-oriented, feature-rich solution that allows them to generate and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. It’s a collaborative software product, where various stakeholders participate in model development to enhance buy-in from subject matter experts.

Semaphore helps inform smarter decisions because it offers:

Full audit trail: Decisions can be traced to the source, giving users an understanding of the data driving the decisions.

Repeatable and governed outcomes: Classification outcomes are reproducible for a point in time and on a single asset using the same model and rule-based results in the same outcome.

Accurate results: Subject matter experts review and control approvals of model and classification enrichment as well as have the ability to transparently trace evidence, which results in explainable and trustworthy outcomes.

Additionally, Semaphore supports all modern enterprise archi- tecture, regardless of organization size or type and can be scaled easily based on the needs of the organization.

Most recently, Semaphore was recognized as a leader in Info-Tech’s 2023 Metadata Management Data Quadrant for a third consecutive year, achieving the highest composite satisfaction score of 9.3/10 and garnering the highest marks for usability, breadth and quality of features as well as business value created.

About Progress

Progress provides software that enables organizations to develop and deploy their mission-critical applications and experiences, as well as effectively manage their data platforms, cloud and IT infrastructure. As an experienced, trusted provider, we make the lives of technology professionals easier. Over 4 million developers and technologists at hundreds of thousands of enterprises depend on Progress.

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Progress Software Corporation
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USA Tel: +1-800-477-6473

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