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About Semantic Web Company and the PoolParty Semantic Suite

Founded in 2004, Semantic Web Company is the vendor of the PoolParty Semantic Suite (www.poolparty.biz). As a leading provider of graph-based metadata, search and analysis solutions, Semantic Web Company supports its customers in the development and implementation of enterprise knowledge graphs, in the extraction of useful knowledge from large data sets, and in the integration and linking of structured and unstructured data. PoolParty models enterprise knowledge in a custom domain to help organizations eliminate data silos, enrich customer data and content, and enable greater discovery across an enterprise.

Going beyond the limits of traditional knowledge management with a knowledge hub

The challenges of modern data, content, and knowledge management in companies are no longer just about data volume. The PoolParty Knowledge Hub, backed by semantic technologies, provides a comprehensive solution for the further development of existing knowledge infrastructure. It draws from the underlying knowledge graph to enable a unified access of knowledge across various systems. Conceptual, procedural, and implicit knowledge can be gained through daily operations and employee expertise.

The PoolParty Semantic Layer as the foundation for a knowledge hub

Crafting a knowledge hub starts with placing the PoolParty Semantic Layer between established applications and systems. This allows for advanced text mining, taxonomies, concept tagging, knowledge graphs, semantic search, insight engines, and recommender systems. The semantic capabilities transform inconsistent metadata into interoperable knowledge graphs that build the foundation for intelligent applications. Benefits include:

company-wide consistency
orchestrated governance
factual fidelity
less time to insights

The importance of Semantic Layers

Mentioned in Gartner’s Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Data and Analytics (November 2023), Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty Semantic Suite is strategically positioned to assist companies in the fundamental shift in how knowledge management is driven within organizations. As the conversation about semantic layers now focuses on how to implement them in your organization, the importance of knowledge management facilitated by semantic layers will become increasingly evident in the next few years. Spanning across industries, the core benefit of incorporating a semantic layer is connecting multiple content management systems to enable a unified access of knowledge creating a digital workplace founded on intelligent content.

Learn more about the success of the PoolParty Semantic Layer and a Knowledge Hub at HealthDirect Australia.

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