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Contact center’s AI use when it comes to customer experience - Upland RightAnswers

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While we’ve learned a lot about GenerativeAI in 2023, there’s so much we can glean from contact center’s AI use when it comes to customer experience. Here are my 2024 customer experience predictions:

Prediction #1: White glove service expectations escalate
Because people have access to the same AI contact centers use, customer service expectations have seen a change. If self-service options don’t work, they turn to agents. By the time this happens, they want white glove service. For this, organizations will need to change how they train and support their contact center agents.

Prediction #2: Shift from OpenAI to local BYOAI models
As ChatGPT gets smarter, it produces better results, which is great for consumers. However, there’s real concern for organizations around proprietary information like intellectual property, copyrights, ideas, or any other digital knowledge. Concerns over data security prompt a shift from OpenAI to internal BYOAI systems, safeguarding proprietary information.

Prediction #3: Move from augmented AI to augmented reality
The rise of augmented reality technology, like smart glasses, will change the way people see customer service. To provide exceptional customer experience, augmented AI can be used with human agents. This enhances services by automating mundane tasks to free up agents for complex issues.

Prediction #4:
Explosion of service touchpoints As AI evolves, customer service expectations will see a change. Evolving AI capabilities enable constant customer connections, prompting contact centers to integrate diverse AI types for enhanced service delivery, reflecting the growing demands of modern consumers.

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