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AI is Search and everything - MC + A

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MC+A is an independent consultancy with clients worldwide. Since our founding in 2004, we have been laser-focused on delivering solutions that are not just technical exercises or lab experiments but focus on bringing value from organizational data and transforming it into great end-user experiences.

Tuning AI effectively requires a high performing search infrastructure. This makes “Search” foundational. “Search” is everything, continuing as the forgotten hero of connecting us to information and experiences. It is the magical, not so secret ingredient that makes the internet “work”, driving modern digital experiences to be ‘like Google.’ We consider ourselves experts. We are steadfast, mildly militant, “Search” implementors and advisors to our clients.

A responsive and relevant search infrastructure is a requirement for any AI solution, without it, you are wasting any organizational AI investment. The capabilities that AI and LLMs offer were not possible just a few years ago. But these capabilities are only impactful if you successfully integrate them into your processes and data.

Businesses spend untold millions of dollars creating offerings customers value, and millions more on content and experiences designed to communicate this value. “Search” technology solutions are essential in realizing this value through relevant experiences to a specific customer, in a specific moment.

We are bringing to market the convergence of what is necessary to conduct worry-free AI operations. This combines support services along, with ready-to-run platform capabilities through reference blueprints.

“Search” is serious business, and it’s all we do.

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MC +A 
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