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  • July 12, 2023
  • By Marydee Ojala Editor in Chief, KMWorld, Conference Program Director, Information Today, Inc.
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The KMWorld AI 100: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management

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The buzz surrounding AI has reached astounding levels in the past few months. It’s as if AI was a technology newly discovered and set to, if not take over the world, at least alter it beyond recognition. Never mind that AI has been around since the 1950s. And that AI technologies are multifaceted and have been employed in KM products for many years. In the popular mind, AI has come to mean generative AI, specifically ChatGPT. KM’ers know that AI has much more to contribute to knowledge sharing.

Statista analyst Bergur Thormundsson expects the worldwide market revenue for AI to grow significantly, although he notes that different studies suggest different amounts for that growth. The market research firm IDC thinks the global AI market will reach more than half a trillion U.S. dollars by 2024, which is only a year away. Precedence research suggests the market will surpass $1.5 trillion by 2030.

One signal of AI’s growing importance in the business world: Google Search now treats the .ai domain as its own generic top-level domain rather than that of the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla. This might make it tough for companies on the islands that comprise Anguilla to claim their geographic location, but most of the .ai registrations aren’t from there anyway. 

The increased interest in AI, coupled with interesting innovations, caused the KMWorld team this year to increase the number of companies we consider important in AI from 50 to 100. AI reaches many different areas within organizations—marketing, customer service, legal, finance, human resources, compliance, fleet maintenance, manufacturing, sales, and other business units as well. AI touches almost every piece of an organization’s structure and operations, as well as their customer-facing presence. 

AI technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, text analysis, deep learning, robotic process automation, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, and expert systems, among others, have spearheaded automation and digital transformation efforts in organizations. AI has been used to summarize text, detect fraud, personalize the customer experience, recommend products and services, predict the weather, translate from one language to another, relevance-rank enterprise search results, assist with decision making, manage workflows efficiently, and aid in host of other activities. Voice assistants and driverless cars wouldn’t exist without AI. Even spellcheck is AI-dependent. 

The ability to use AI algorithms to generate text is the next step. Generative AI caught everyone’s attention with the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022. Search engines Google and Bing quickly followed with their versions of GPT trained on individual large language models (LLMs). What has received less attention is how useful generative AI can be within an organization. Opportunities for generative AI exist in customer support and customer experience. Enterprise search also stands to benefit, as LLMs gain more traction in examining, identifying, and summarizing internal resources. The writing of marketing copy, standardized reports, and memos already has benefited from generative AI. 

This issue’s presentation of the KMWorld AI 100: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management aims to focus attention on the innovative knowledge management vendors that are infusing their offerings with AI and related technologies. We invite you to explore the companies on this list to understand why they stand out. We also have the AI Trailblazer section, in which executives of these organizations explain the value of their intelligent approaches. 

Be sure to join us as we continue to explore AI and a wide range of other knowledge-sharing topics in person at the annual KMWorld conference at the JW Marriott in Washington, D.C., November 6–9, 2023. AI will be a major component in all of the co-located conferences, which cover enterprise search and discovery, taxonomies, and text analytics, as well as the newly added enterprise AI conference. See you there!

AI 100

  • ABBYYABBYY powers intelligent automation, reimagining the way people work and how companies accelerate business by delivering the intelligence that fuels automation platforms.
  • AccentureAccenture is a global professional services company that helps the world’s leading businesses, governments, and other organizations build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth, and enhance citizen services.
  • AccubitsAn AI- and blockchain-focused software development and consulting company, Accubits offers product development and digital transformation services to governments, tech startups, Fortune 1000 companies, and SMEs.
  • AdobeA multinational software company, Adobe connects content and data and delivers game-changing new technologies that are democratizing creativity.
  • AiseraAisera fast-tracks the digital and AI transformation journey with user and service behavioral intelligence that drives end-to-end automation of tasks, actions, and business processes across digital, voice, chat, and contact center channels.
  • AlphabetAlphabet is a collection of companies—the largest of which is Google—that also includes Search, Ads, Chrome, Cloud (with a computer programming assistant called Duet AI), DeepMind, YouTube, and Android.
  • AlphaSenseAlphaSense is a market intelligence and search platform used by the world's leading companies and financial institutions.
  • Altair/RapidminerAltair is a global leader in computational science and AI that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and data analytics.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)AWS AI services provide ready-made intelligence for an organization’s applications and workflows.
  • AmeliaEnterprises use Amelia to drive revenue in conversational experiences and enable productivity through operations automation.
  • AppenAppen is a global market leader in data for the AI lifecycle, with experience in data sourcing, data annotation, and model evaluation.
  • AppianAppian is a software company that automates business processes, enabling organizations to design, automate, and optimize.
  • AtlassianAtlassian provides agile DevOps, IT service management, and work management software that helps teams organize, discuss, and complete shared work.
  • AvaamoAvaamo is an omnichannel conversational AI platform that allows global enterprises to automate and deliver exceptional self-service experiences to customers, employees, and partners.
  • Bit.aiBit.ai documents have been created to allow projects to be completed, reports to be analyzed, decisions to be made, and information to be shared with teams by pulling information together wherever it lives.
  • C3.AIC3 AI delivers a family of fully integrated products, including the C3 AI Platform, an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications, C3 AI applications, and C3 Generative AI.
  • Cambridge SemanticsCambridge Semantics is a modern data management and enterprise analytics software company that offers Anzo, a complete, scalable, and powerful knowledge graph platform.
  • CapacityCapacity offers an AI-powered support automation platform that connects entire tech stacks to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions.
  • CogniVisionCogniVision, originally ImageScan, assists banks with their imaging conversion needs, powered by an easy-to-use solution for banks and modern enterprises to migrate off paper files to capture, organize, and work with documents digitally.
  • CognizantCognizant helps clients modernize technology, reimagine processes, and transform experiences so they can stay ahead in a fast-changing world.
  • ConnectWiseConnectWise enables TSPs to drive business efficiency with automation, IT documentation, and data management capabilities and increase revenue with remote monitoring, cybersecurity, and backup and disaster recovery technologies.
  • Coveo Solutions Inc.Coveo is a market-leading, AI-powered relevance platform that injects search, recommendations, personalization, and merchandising intelligence into digital experiences such as commerce, service, website, and workplace applications. To Learn More, read Cynthia Connors, General Manager of Platform, Coveo's AI Trailblazer Insight.
  • DatabricksDatabricks is the data and AI company founded by the original creators of Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and MLflow.
  • DeloitteDeloitte provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 and more than 7,000 private companies.
  • DISCODISCO provides cloud-native, AI-powered legal solutions that simplify legal hold, legal request, e-discovery, legal document review, and case management for enterprises, law firms, legal services providers, and governments.
  • Earley Information ScienceEarley Information Science is a professional services firm with proven methodologies designed specifically to address product data, content assets, customer data, and corporate knowledgebases.
  • eGainPowered by AI and analytics, eGain’s secure cloud solution delivers personalized, digital-first experiences, quick business value, and easy innovation.
  • Enterprise KnowledgeEnterprise Knowledge (EK) is a services firm that integrates knowledge management, information management, information technology, and agile approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions. To Learn More, read Lulit Tesfaye, Vice President of Knowledge & Data Services, Enterprise Knowledge, LLC.'s AI Trailblazer Insight.
  • expert.aiTransforming language into knowledge and insight, expert.ai provides patented AI technology and a hybrid approach to NL.
  • FiberyFibery's connected workspace combines work management and knowledge management into a single, flexible tool, giving product companies a unified platform with fully customizable work processes.
  • FoxIt SoftwareFoxit delivers easy-to-use desktop software, mobile apps, and cloud services that allow users to create, edit, fill, and sign documents through their integrated PDF Editor and eSign offerings.
  • Franz Inc.Franz Inc. is an early innovator in AI and a leading supplier of graph database technology with expert knowledge in developing and deploying knowledge graph solutions.To Learn More, read Jans Aasman CEO, Franz's AI Trailblazer Insight.
  • FreshworksPurpose-built for IT, customer support, and sales and marketing teams, Freshworks’ products empower the people who power business.
  • GenesysHelping personalize customer experiences at scale, Genesys leverages the power of their cloud, digital, and AI technologies to democratize empathetic customer experiences for enterprises seeking to deepen their customer connection across all their channels.
  • Grazitti Interactive–SearchUnifyGrazitti Interactive’s unified cognitive platform, SearchUnify, elevates customer support and self-service outcomes through personalized content discovery across multiple touchpoints, enabling better support rep efficiency and optimized customer experience. To Learn More, read Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify's AI Trailblazer Insight.
  • HylandHyland’s solutions provide the technical infrastructure for organizations to transform siloed, disparate datapoints into unified, accessible, actionable content, helping customers manage information across their enterprise and connect their content across core applications.
  • IBM—Bringing together critical technology and services, regardless of where those solutions come from, IBM helps clients solve the most pressing business problems through an extensive variety of product offerings, including ethical, quick-to-deploy AI.
  • IcertisIcertis empowers companies to realize the full intent and higher purpose of every contract, offering AI-powered contract intelligence to derive greater customer value from unstructured and structured contract data across an enterprise.
  • iManageiManage transforms how professionals in legal, accounting, and financial services get work done by combining AI, security, and risk mitigation, as well as automating routine cognitive tasks and providing critical insights.
  • InMomentDriven toward aiding clients improve experiences where customer, employee, and business needs intersect, InMoment eliminates data silos and leverages intelligence to prioritize action, inform business decisions, and identify important business initiatives.
  • IntercomIntercom optimizes customer service and support team efficiency, offering chatbot automation, conversational and proactive support, optimized inbox technology, and a holistic CSM platform.
  • Iterate.aiIterate.ai develops AI-powered, low-code software that accelerates innovation projects within large enterprises, advancing the development and deployment of AI-centric enterprise applications.
  • John Snow LabsHelping customers put AI to good use, faster, John Snow Labs delivers a myriad of NLP solutions to bring AI innovation to the forefront of healthcare.
  • KMS LighthouseKMS Lighthouse drives smarter, better business interactions with its knowledge management solutions, offering a KM experience that provides instant answers, navigable through natural language for easy and efficient adoption.To Learn More, read Sagi Eliyahu, CEO, KMS Lighthouse's AI Trailblazer Insight.
  • KognitosKognitos brings generative AI to automate intricate enterprise business processes, using natural language processing automation and large language models to enable business users to build automated workflows using everyday English.
  • Kontent.aiWith a mission to provide brands worldwide with the best way to work with content, Kontent.ai enables its clients to deliver engaging experiences through state-of-the-art technologies and user-friendly authoring.
  • Kore.AIBy harnessing the power of automation, Kore.ai enables enterprises to deliver transformative, conversational interactions through its innovations in natural language understanding, driving automated, delightful, and contextual customer and employee experiences.
  • KyndiKyndi inspires AI technologies and humans to work together to improve top- and bottom-line performance throughout an enterprise, offering natural language search and enhanced self-service experiences for customers and agents. To Learn More, read Ryan Welsh, founder & CEO, Kyndi's AI Trailblazer Insight.
  • Landing.AIPioneering the data-centric AI movement, Landing.ai helps businesses equipped with limited datasets to realize the business value of AI, enabling them to move AI projects from development to production.
  • LaserficheLaserfiche is a leading SaaS provider of enterprise content management and business process automation, enabling enterprises to focus on growth across their enterprise through powerful workflows, electronic forms, intelligent analytics, document and records management, and content capture.
  • LucidworksLucidworks’ solutions personalize the discovery experience to reveal actionable insights about user intent, rapidly delivering them to relevant channels of engagement, ultimately empowering users to connect meaningful insights from anywhere.  To Learn More, read Mike Sinoway, CEO, Lucidworks' AI Trailblazer Insight.
  • LucyLucy—a knowledge management AI solution—was created to solve inefficient enterprise search, bringing customers to the right answer, at the right time, no matter where it sits within the organization.
  • LumApps/VizirHaving acquired Vizir, an innovative, no-code digital assistant technology, LumApps continues to transform how companies engage, enable, and empower their workforces through its cloud-native, global employee experience platform.
  • MicrosoftOn a mission to empower every person and every organization to achieve more, Microsoft offers a plethora of solutions and services to enable digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge, including advancements in AI to improve productivity and solve problems.
  • MindbreezeMindbreeze is a leading international provider of appliances and cloud services for enterprise search, applied AI, and knowledge management, offering out-of-the-box AI for automating business processes, collecting data patterns, and facilitating context-sensitive interactions. To Learn More, read Daniel Fallmann, Founder and CEO, Mindbreeze's AI Trailblazer Insight.
    • Neo4jNeo4j enables organizations to unlock the business value of connections, influences, and relationships in data through graph data science, ML, analytics, visualization, and contextual AI.
    • NICEPassionate about removing the friction between companies and consumers, NICE enables organizations to address today’s consumer and employee expectations through a CX approach that combines digital entry points, journey orchestration, smart self-service, and prepared agents.  
    • Northern LightNorthern Light tackles the challenges of knowledge management and sharing in a multi-generational workplace, offering several platforms that leverage AI to deliver competitive intelligence, consumer insights, and KM. To Learn More, read David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light's AI Trailblazer Insight.
    • NuMindBorn out of frustration with NLP development, Numind develops ML tools to spread the use of AI via highly accessible, yet powerful, NLP model creation and tools.
    • NVIDIANvidia is pioneering accelerated computing, offering a variety of hardware and software solutions that leverage AI to optimize and transform large, worldwide industries, including healthcare, financial services, and retail.
    • OcrolusOcrolus revolutionizes digital lending with AI-driven document automation, providing trusted data and actionable analytics for confident, high-quality credit decisions across small business, mortgage, and consumer lending.
    • OmiliaSeeking a better relationship between consumers and machines, Omilia leverages natural language and AI to propel high-quality customer service, offload trivial tasks for service agents, and generate business benefits across an enterprise.
    • OneModelOneModel democratizes complex data, helping organizations unlock greater value in their data by integrating cutting-edge ML capabilities for HR professionals seeking readily accessible insights.
    • OpenAIOpenAI is an AI reach and deployment company devoted to building safe artificial general intelligence systems, providing an API platform that offers the latest AI models, including DALL-E and ChatGPT, to support advanced reasoning, creativity, visual input, and longer context.
    • Openstream.aiAs a pioneer in conversational AI technology with more than 20 years of AI research experience, Openstream.ai offers an advanced multimodal virtual assistant platform that helps enterprises across industries realize the efficiencies of AI-enabled automation in their digital transformation. To Learn More, read Enterprise Virtual Assistant, Eva™, Openstream's AI Trailblazer Insight.
    • PalantirPalantir powers AI-assisted decision making through category-leading software that brings intelligence to the core of enterprises, enabling organizations to create and govern AI across public and private networks.
    • PegasystemsPega, a low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation, makes it easier for organizations to work smarter, centralize experiences, and adapt instantly through scalable, made-to-measure architecture.
    • PreciselyPrecisely offers data integration, data quality, data governance, location intelligence, and data enrichment products integral to its Data Integrity Suite.
    • Progress SoftwareWith its acquisition of MarkLogic, Progress Software moves forward in its mission to accelerate the creation and delivery of strategic business applications; automate the process by which they configure, deploy, and scale those apps; and make critical data and content more accessible and secure.
    • PryonUsing no-code AI platforms to transform content into knowledge, Pryon drives digital transformation and employee and customer productivity. Augmented intelligence for the enterprise reads, organizes, and retrieves relevant information. 
    • PureinsightsPure Insights helps customers go "Beyond Search,” using knowledge graphs, machine learning, and natural language processing to build enterprise search applications that better understand user intent and deliver answers users want. To Learn More, read Kamran Khan, CEO, Pureinsights' AI Trailblazer Insight.
    • Pyramid AnalyticsPyramid Analytics, a business analytics and decision intelligence provider, integrates GPT AI technology from OpenAI throughout its platform, interoperating with its deep set of current AI technologies to enable a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to business intelligence and analytics.
    • QuickbaseQuickbase provides software that helps organizations see, connect, and control every element of complex projects, with a no-code platform that enables organizations to improve operations through real-time insights and automation across complex processes and disparate systems.
    • RocksetRockset offers a real-time analytics database built for the cloud and sub-second SQL on streaming data with surprising efficiency.
    • RossumRossum’s AI intelligent document processing platform automates end-to-end business workflows with intelligent document processing, ending manual data entry and errors.
    • RWS GroupA provider of technology-enabled language, content, and intellectual property services, RWS Group uses linguistic AI technologies that are customizable, scalable, and secure; reliable data labelling; and real-time data insights.
    • SalesforceSalesforce delivers a sales productivity solution that brings companies and customers together with a single, integrated platform that enables all departments, including marketing, sales, commerce, and service, to have a shared view of every customer.
    • SalsifySalsify was created to empower brands and retailers to win on the digital shelf, which is a collection of diverse and rapidly evolving digital touchpoints used by shoppers to engage with brands and discover, research, and purchase products.
    • Sana LabsSana's mission is to augment human intelligence through AI. Its product blends the best of enterprise search, a learning management system, meeting tools, and a knowledge management system into one single platform.
      • SASThe SAS Viya platform, which is fully integrated, open source, and cloud-native, recognizes that the data flowing through a business has a unique story to tell, letting you understand what’s happening now, predict how to pivot seamlessly, and drive your own progress.
      • SearchBloxSearchBlox provides enterprise search, sentiment analysis, and text analytics solutions based on Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene to address customers’ data management needs, including web-based administration and integrated data connectors, to index enterprise and web content.
      • Semantic Web CompanyPowered by Semantic AI, software products from Semantic Web Company transform customers’ existing data into robust knowledge systems. To Learn More, read Andreas Blaumuer, Founder and CEO, Semantic Web Company's AI Trailblazer Insight.
      • ServiceNowServiceNow offers a cloud-based platform and solutions that help digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow, while enabling employees and customers to be more connected, more innovative, and more agile.
      • ShelfA next-generation knowledge platform that increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction, Shelf.io combines AI with SaaS knowledge infrastructure.To Learn More, read Sedarius Perrotta, CEO, Shelf's AI Trailblazer Insight.
      • SimpplrSimpplr provides software for today’s modern employee intranet, helping companies connect their workforce by streamlining internal communications, forging employee connections, providing better user experience, and enabling higher employee adoption rates.
      • SinequaDelivering an intelligent enterprise search platform for Global 2000 companies and government agencies, Sinequa enterprise search products connect people with the information, expertise, and insights necessary for organizations to become information-driven.
      • Sirion LabsPowered by intelligence uniquely connected across the complete contract lifecycle, SirionLabs’ easy-to-use, highly configurable Smarter Contracting Platform brings all enterprise teams together to author stronger agreements, manage risk, and strengthen counterparty relationships.
      • SisenseSisense provides organizations with the ability to infuse analytics everywhere, embedded in both customer and employee applications and workflows with an AI-driven analytics cloud platform.
      • SparkCognitionSparkCognition’s AI solutions predict future outcomes, optimize processes, and prevent cyberattacks and partner with the world’s industry leaders to analyze, optimize, and learn from data.
      • SquirroSquirro provides augmented intelligence solutions for search, analysis, and interpretation of unstructured information, marrying AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics.
      • SS&C Blue Prism— Blue Prism, which pioneered and makes enterprise robotic process automation software that provides a digital workforce designed to automate complex, end-to-end operational activities, is a subsidiary of SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc., a multinational holding company that sells software and SaaS.
      • StarmindStarmind is dedicated to connecting employees with expert knowledge through a human-centered, patented AI that learns who knows what on any given topic and identifies the best colleague to help solve a problem, regardless of their title, department, or location.
      • SymphonyAI SummitA portfolio company of SymphonyAI, SymphonyAI Summit’s advanced, modular solution unifies service management, asset management, and operations management into a single, easy-to-use platform.
      • ThoughtSpotContributing to a more fact-driven world, ThoughtSpot leverages natural language search and AI to find data insights and tap into cutting-edge innovation that the cloud data ecosystem has to offer, enabling everyone within an organization to engage with live data.
      • TigerGraphTigerGraph provides a graph AI platform that is built on a distributed native graph database that comes with an SQL-like query language and tightly integrates tooling and enterprise connectors to ensure data scientists and developers can design and deploy analytical solutions in weeks.
      • TopQuadrantTopQuadrant’s flagship product, TopBraid EDG, uses knowledge graph technologies to connect metadata silos and deliver meaningful access for all data stakeholders to enterprise metadata, business terms, reference data, data and application catalogs, data lineage, requirements, policies, and processes.
      • Upland Software/RightAnswersUpland helps global businesses accelerate digital transformation with a powerful cloud software library of products that deliver "last mile" plug-in processes, reporting, and job specific workflows. 
      • VerintVerint provides a customer engagement platform based on Knowledge as a Service that helps the world’s most iconic brands—including more than 85 of the Fortune 100 companies—build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise.
      • VeritoneServing organizations in both commercial and regulated sectors, Veritone’s AI-based software, services, and industry applications simplify data management, while its enterprise AI platform orchestrates an ever-growing ecosystem of machine learning models to transform audio, video, and other data sources into actionable intelligence.
      • YextYext offers a modern, AI-powered Answers Platform that understands natural language so that when people ask questions about a business online, they get direct answers, not a list of links.
      • ZetaAlphaZeta Alpha offers a Neural Discovery Platform, which uses state-of-the-art neural search to improve how people discover, organize, and share knowledge.

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