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AI 100 Trailblazer: Openstream.ai® - Conversational AI for Visionaries

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Openstream.ai® is the visionary provider of multimodal, plan-based enterprise-class Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) solutions and the Enterprise Virtual Assistant, Eva™.

Eva engages customers to understand their objectives and collaborates with them to achieve their goals. By engaging across multiple languages and modalities including avatars, text, speech, telephony, gestures, images, and more Eva engages your audience with natural, empathetic, and human-like conversation.

Openstream’s Conversational AI addresses the unique needs of enterprises by including features for reasoning & inference, explainability, trust, data governance, and privacy protection to provide them with solid foundations for growth while reducing risk. Eva’s plan-based dialogue engine allows for completely unscripted conversations. The designer models the domain, and the engine solves/resolves issues through customer interaction.

Eva is grounded in a deeper understanding of knowledge automatically extracted from disparate sources throughout an enterprise and our ability to assimilate, interpret and activate that knowledge. It’s the culmination of 25+ years of collaborative research and patents by Openstream experts across multiple fields of study including artificial intelligence, human-computer dialogue, multimodal interaction, computational linguistics, natural language understanding, knowledge extraction, and more to deliver the most state-of-the-art Enterprise-Class Conversational AI ecosystem for our customers.

Eva is used by visionary enterprises worldwide that must capitalize on conversational AI quickly to thrive and drive efficiencies, scale, and insights more effectively for their internal/external audiences. Openstream.ai was recognized for the second consecutive year as the sole “Visionary” in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational AI platforms.

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Phone: 1 (908) 685-5844
Email: info@openstream.ai
Web: www.openstream.ai

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