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AI 100 Trailblazer: Mindbreeze—Extract Information that Matters to You

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Mindbreeze is a high-quality, trusted product that keeps users’ needs and interests top of mind through their knowledge-finding journey.

The number one goal of Mindbreeze InSpire is to bring relevant information straight to the user so they have knowledge that matters to them in their specific roles.

Using knowledge extraction, Mindbreeze enables key information and its meaning to be obtained and linked to previously labeled data. This revolutionary technique can transform outdated business processes and reduce timely job functions.

Whether you are a sales professional looking to organize your bid management process or a maintenance worker searching for answers on how to fix a machine, or a finance professional needing the latest updates on markets and investment trends, personalized dashboards can be created so every user has a 360-degree view of information customized to their liking. Information from internal and external data sources is illuminated to make all workers the knowledge experts in their field.

Exactly how you want and need to see it!

In addition, Mindbeeze is equipped with a “Find the Expert” feature. Using the same extraction techniques, users can find the best point of contact if they have further questions on their use case. Mindbreeze identifies the best resource by pulling information linked to metadata within their organization. Which employees have worked on this specific case in the past or authored documents on the topic? Mindbreeze identifies them so you don’t have to.

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Mindbreeze Corp.
311 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60606
hone: 1.312.300.6745
Web: www.mindbreeze.com

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