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AI 100 Trailblazer: Poolparty Semantic AI: Fact Validated Insights for ESG Compliance

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The PoolParty Semantic Suite uses Semantic AI to help organizations build and manage enterprise knowledge systems as a basis for their AI strategy. PoolParty serves as the powerful intermediary between enterprise databases and applications so that the knowledge models of any valuable enterprise asset (customers, partners, employees, products, etc.) can continuously evolve in a stable, interconnected environment. These knowledge models help leverage machine learning, language processing, and graph technologies to enrich enterprise data and automate many steps of data analysis, text mining and knowledge discovery.

We provide the foundation for Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) which we call Semantic AI. Using our partner’s machine learning capabilities and PoolParty’s graph-based metadata, we have developed a one-of-a-kind Insight Engine to deliver fact validated insights for operational and financial risks.

PoolParty is the heart of our solution to help organizations ensure they comply with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiatives and regulations. We’ve enriched a large language model, with a knowledge graph that is based on the ESG domain to provide comprehensive answers that show the sourcing and additional links that can be referenced.

Andreas Blumauer, founder and CEO, explains that “there is a great potential for using LLMs to feed information into knowledge graphs and contribute to their extension. In this way, LLMs link information to knowledge that has already been referenced and verified, preferably in a traceable way. Knowledge graphs thus serve as knowledge reference models, while the LLM helps to extend them by suggesting further potentially meaningful assertions.”

The Semantic AI capabilities of PoolParty capture the knowledge of enterprise experts in a domain that can be utilized in various integrated solutions— in other words, it is AI that is not only powerful but also trustworthy.

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