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March/April 2022 (100 Companies) [Volume 31, Issue 2]

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Creating explainable AI

Having watched the AI and machine learning industries blossom over the past decade, Access Innovations is in the unique seat of helping the industry create explainable AI by leveraging our Data Harmony platform.

In an era of accelerated digital transformation, collaboration and cloud storage is essential for business productivity

Planning for a new unified system is a cross-disciplinary effort that requires input from across the business. AvePoint can help organizations understand priorities and needs from different areas of the business, as well as what type of information they need for their day-to-day work.

Solutions to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge and power innovation

Unique copyright and information solutions can connect your content and rights in contextually relevant ways; advance how your data is integrated, accessed, and shared; and accelerate knowledge and decision-making to power innovation.

2022: Year of Knowledge Management for Customer Service

If you have not modernized knowledge management for the digital-first, remote-first age, 2022 is the year to do so.

Knowledge Management solutions at an enterprise level and on a global scale

Our services run the gamut from high-impact, quick return workshops to full-scale, enterprise-wide transformations that cut across all aspects of KM within an organization, covering the people, processes, content, culture, and technology necessary to achieve and maintain KM maturity.

Knowledge Graphs to Data Fabrics: Franz Inc.

Financial institutions, healthcare providers, contact centers, manufacturing firms, government agencies and other data-driven enterprises that use AllegroGraph gain a holistic, future-proofed Data Fabric architecture for big data predictive analytics and machine learning across complex knowledge bases to discover deep connections, uncover new patterns and attain explainable results.

Every successful digital transformation has a key foundation, eliminating knowledge silos

KMS Lighthouse allows organizations to continue recruiting while shortening training time and giving employees the answers they need to complete their daily work. At the same time, they're able to keep on providing exceptional customer service, giving consumers the same direct online experience that employees enjoy. It's truly a knowledge-based revolution.

Empowering Knowledge Workers in Today’s Hybrid Reality

M-Files helps businesses gain a leading-edge and substantial ROI by delivering better customer experiences and higher-quality work, with lower risk.

Mindbreeze: Proper Knowledge Management Exists in a 360-Degree View

Mindbreeze uses AI and machine learning methods to extract data from silos, external sources, and internal documents.

Digital Adoption Soars, AI Helps Leaders Remove Friction from the Customer Journey

Enlighten AI provides an exponential impact across the contact center, and the ability to eliminate friction across the entire customer journey. It closes the gap between the experiences organizations can deliver and the perfect experiences that consumers have come to demand.

Increase your organizational efficiencies and lower operating costs

Nintex AssureSign® is designed to increase your organizational efficiencies and lower operating costs, while providing a modern signing experience for every stakeholder.

Integrating AI technology and optimizing search systems

Our team offers experienced consulting, best-in-class technology, and a unique service model we call SearchOps to help our clients achieve desired search experiences.

Does Your Content Management Strategy Support Your Business Goals?

Brilliant content that works the way you need it to—now and in the future—for digital transformation, customer satisfaction, revenue growth and regulatory compliance.

Connecting people with knowledge, experts, and business objectives

Thanks to an unrivaled number of connectors, deep multilingual intelligence, and powerful analytics, Sinequa creates a unified, intelligent, and customized view of the information, meeting the most complex needs of your employees.


KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2022

Flexibility, agility, and the ability to pivot continue to be essential characteristics of winning companies. Organizations must have the right tools and products so they can break down information silos, better understand the experiences of their customers and employees, uncover trends, expand collaboration, deploy AI and machine learning appropriately, and take advantage of automation to lighten the burden of mundane, repetitive tasks.

Deploying text analytics and natural language processing for strategic advantage

Perhaps the biggest barrier to unlocking the knowledge found in text is the fact it's widely considered unstructured data that doesn't conform to the traditional tabular data representation.


With the large volumes of data available, patterns can be detected that would not be revealed by monitoring individual pieces of equipment.


It’s all HX: How CX and EX can work together for business growth

Instead of treating customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) as silos, think about them as one holistic experience—human experience (HX)—and address them together

Moving toward a paperless society by 2024

The paperless society may have started with a push toward a cashless society, but technology has fueled a far more ambitious movement

Why it’s important to make KM clickable

With their new book, "Making KM Clickable," Zach Wahl and Joe Hilger have documented the collective knowledge and experience they have gained from helping countless customers with knowledge management projects


David Weinberger

Restructured reading

In a book, not knowing how you got to a page would be a sign of a failed structure. On the internet, that can be a sign of a deeply rewarding intellectual expedition.

The Future of the Future

Fusion, fission, or something else?

When it comes to applying KM, the key is identifying and connecting the dots in meaningful and synergistic ways.

Ethical Innovation

Knowledge unchained

Blockchains eliminate the need to trust other people. That's it; that is all there is to it. Trust is deferred to the system itself.

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