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Solutions to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge and power innovation

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Customer conversations about the researcher’s experience continue to guide us as we develop solutions to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge and power innovation. Throughout 2022, CCC will continue to invest in accelerating document delivery, enhancing data quality, and growing our cross-publisher XML cloud of copyright-protected content for AI.

Identifying Experts & Key Opinion Leaders

In 2021, our research customers asked for help identifying experts and in response, we developed a new RightFind module to discover experts in a particular field. Launching in early 2022, our initial offerings will focus on gene therapy and coronavirus-related researchers. Underpinning this module is a sophisticated knowledge graph which can be expanded to include proprietary data. CCC was named a winner in the 2021 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group for this work.

Training Machines for AI / ML / Text Mining

CCC’s RightFind enables researchers to make connections that can only be found in full text, and obtain XML-formatted content on demand from publications they subscribe to and those that fall outside of subscriptions. RightFind provides the most complete cross-publisher collection of open and copyright-protected articles available in the market today for AI training.

Semantically Enriching & Streamlining Search

CCC’s RightFind Navigate module enables researchers to federate information from multiple sources and semantically enrich data on the fly. Navigate brings scientific literature, preprints, global life science patents, information on clinical trials, drugs, and projects from publicly available data sources together with licensed content and internal proprietary data in a single, intuitive interface. In partnership with SciBite, RightFind Navigate with Semantic Search helps researchers identify relevant concepts faster through an expanded search that incorporates over 20 million synonyms from SciBite’s biomedical vocabularies, and semantically enriches indexed and API-based data sources in real-time.

Supporting Researchers

Increasingly, researchers are looking for immediate access from within RightFind to supplemental materials—images, data sets, and graphs. We’re working with publishers to grow the collection of supplemental materials which can be found and delivered within RightFind. Consistent focus on researchers’ needs resulted in RightFind being named “Best E-Discovery Solution” by KMWorld in its inaugural Readers’ Choice Awards.

Let’s Create Solutions Together

Contact CCC to discuss how our unique copyright and information solutions can connect your content and rights in contextually relevant ways; advance how your data is integrated, accessed, and shared; and accelerate knowledge and decision-making to power innovation.

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