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Integrating AI technology and optimizing search systems - Pureinsights

The Pureinsights Discovery Platform integrates knowledge graphs, machine learning, and natural language processing to build enterprise search applications that better understand user intent and deliver answers users want.

Using Generative AI and Natural Language Question Answering for Corporate Insights - Mindbreeze

Mindbreeze is one-stop-shop for all enterprise knowledge management needs—extracting the content that matters most from company documents and relevant data sources. Wherever you need your data, Mindbreeze is happy to bring it directly to you.

Creating explainable AI - Access Innovations

The proliferation of AI in publishing, knowledge management, and the information industry is taking hold, becoming commonplace and transparent right in front of us.

The Hybrid Workplace Elevates the Importance of Knowledge Management - eGain

The Knowledge Hub goes beyond documents and search to include policies, procedures, compliance, and functional expertise.

Bringing knowledge, data, and learning together - Enterprise Knowledge

Our proven methodologies and team of experts ensure complex organizations are realizing value and impact at the enterprise level.

AI Knowledge Fabrics: Franz Inc.

The rich functional and contextual integration of multi-modal, predictive modeling and artificial intelligence is what distinguishes AllegroGraph as a modern, scalable, enterprise knowledge platform.

To Bot or not to Bot—how companies can elevate customer experience - KMS Lighthouse

AI and machine learning will remain hot topics in 2023 and coming years. KMS Lighthouse for many years has developed a full platform that enables organization employees to find answers to do their work better.

Driving smart business decisions with actionable knowledge - Metaphacts

By enriching the semantic knowledge model with information on decision models, metaphactory enables decision makers to move from repetitive daily decisions to a decision intelligence solution that does not only provide deep, contextual analytics but also decision support, continuous intelligence, and decision automation.

Manage documents, seamlessly collaborate, and ensure compliance - M-Files

An effective information management strategy empowers organizations to turn their information into knowledge to improve not only customer experiences, but the organization's bottom line.

Using the power of AI - NICE

The applicability and benefits of AI-driven solutions to improve CX, reduce costs, and save time are growing exponentially.

Harnessing the capabilities of AI in real and meaningful ways - Pryon

Pryon's enterprise-level LLM securely ingests content, duplicating and vectorizing key text, images, and tables, fusing them into a complete knowledge fabric that can field natural-language queries with responses in milliseconds.

Can Your Content Keep Pace with Your Business? Quark

For content to keep pace with business goals, organizations must get on a path to content maturity and look for ways to automate how they create, publish and analyze their content, aligning their workforce and human processes to build a futureproof content operation that's structured, efficient and ready for any platform.

Turning knowledge into infrastructure - Shelf

By connecting disparate knowledge silos and using AI and automation to learn from them, you can finally solve core findability and efficiency issues that have plagued companies for decades.

Frustrated Workers Need Effective Enterprise Search - Sinequa

Intelligent enterprise search with Neural Search lets employees focus on doing excellent work and is critical to retain the best talent in an uncertain economy.

Creating explainable AI

Having watched the AI and machine learning industries blossom over the past decade, Access Innovations is in the unique seat of helping the industry create explainable AI by leveraging our Data Harmony platform.

In an era of accelerated digital transformation, collaboration and cloud storage is essential for business productivity

Planning for a new unified system is a cross-disciplinary effort that requires input from across the business. AvePoint can help organizations understand priorities and needs from different areas of the business, as well as what type of information they need for their day-to-day work.

Solutions to advance copyright, accelerate knowledge and power innovation

Unique copyright and information solutions can connect your content and rights in contextually relevant ways; advance how your data is integrated, accessed, and shared; and accelerate knowledge and decision-making to power innovation.

2022: Year of Knowledge Management for Customer Service

If you have not modernized knowledge management for the digital-first, remote-first age, 2022 is the year to do so.

Knowledge Management solutions at an enterprise level and on a global scale

Our services run the gamut from high-impact, quick return workshops to full-scale, enterprise-wide transformations that cut across all aspects of KM within an organization, covering the people, processes, content, culture, and technology necessary to achieve and maintain KM maturity.

Knowledge Graphs to Data Fabrics: Franz Inc.

Financial institutions, healthcare providers, contact centers, manufacturing firms, government agencies and other data-driven enterprises that use AllegroGraph gain a holistic, future-proofed Data Fabric architecture for big data predictive analytics and machine learning across complex knowledge bases to discover deep connections, uncover new patterns and attain explainable results.