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Using Generative AI and Natural Language Question Answering for Corporate Insights - Mindbreeze

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Generative AI has been making major splashes across industries and corporations. You have surely heard of ChatGPT by now. The catch is, generating information and receiving answers to business queries is most suitable with company data.

Mindbreeze focuses on using Natural Language Question Answering (NLQA) to derive question answering from real company facts and not the full breadth of content scattered across the web. This method permits relevancy to the user and the projects they are working on—generating content from data that truly matters to corporate processes and operations.

The consolidation of data from relevant data sources allows enhanced personalization to each and every employee using the Mindbreeze InSpire solution in all functional areas.

Our mission and number one goal from the very first day has been bringing relevant information directly to corporate workflows in order for operations and productivity to thrive at the highest level.

Mindbreeze is one-stop-shop for all enterprise knowledge management needs—extracting the content that matters most from company documents and relevant data sources. Wherever you need your data, Mindbreeze is happy to bring it directly to you.

Mindbreeze’s mission is made possible by using the most advanced machine learning methods that enable entity recognition, classification, semantic relations and processing, proactive insights, knowledge extraction, and natural language processing (NLP).

Don’t miss out on the action and learn more from our experts today. We are ready to change the way you see your data and generate beneficial information for your enterprise.

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Mindbreeze Corporation
311 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone: 1.312.300.6745
Web: www.mindbreeze.com

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