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The World’s Largest Dedicated KM Consulting Firm—Offering Strategy, Design, Implementation, and Operations—Scaled to Meet Your Needs

The field of Knowledge Management is at an exciting inflection point. Generative AI has changed the conversation, enabling new opportunities for how we capture, manage, and deliver knowledge, but also creating new challenges and shining a light on longstanding KM issues that organizations must address if they hope to harness the power of Enterprise AI.

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) was founded with that exact mission in mind. We are unique in the KM community, not just as the largest, but also as the firm that uniquely brings together the field of KM with Data, Content, Learning, IT, and others to deliver enterprise-level solutions that solve real world business problems. This isn’t new for us, we’re not just jumping on the KM AI bandwagon now. Our knowledge base (one of the world’s largest for KM) is proof of that, with articles dating back over five years where we’ve been talking about the confluence of KM and AI, and specifically the critical role that KM plays in ensuring the success of knowledge graphs, semantic layers, and other AI initiatives.

Today’s most mature organizations are asking us to help them build their semantic layer, uniting all knowledge, content, and data to deliver highly contextualized, customized, and integrated knowledge at the point of need. With over ten years of experience ranging from tacit knowledge capture through the design and development of enterprise AI solutions, EK can scale to deliver the specific set of services you need, regardless of whether you’re simply seeking to develop a strategy, or whether you’re ready to build your semantic layer and achieve artificial intelligence for your organization.

Beyond our offered services and solutions, we host a public knowledge base of 500 articles on KM thought leadership, we produce the #1 KM Podcast, Knowledge Cast, and we’ve published the definitive book on KM benchmarking and technologies, 'Making Knowledge Management Clickable'.  All of this is in service to the KM community, as we seek to identify the latest trends, establish them, and deliver them to our clients to ensure they achieve the maximum value and return on investment from their knowledge.

If you’re ready to embark on your KM transformation, or need help to accelerate it, we stand prepared to be your partner.

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