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Integrating AI technology and optimizing search systems - Pureinsights

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About Pureinsights

At Pureinsights, we’ve built a business around our belief in the power of enterprise search and its rapid evolution. We spend every day helping enterprise leaders integrate AI technology and optimize their search systems to surprise and delight their users.

Knowledge management experts today agree that search is both more essential and more complex than ever before. Search engines are now the primary interface for countless everyday activities like getting directions to the grocery store, discovering new music, and even finding a job.

Google’s ubiquity makes it the common model for search experiences, and this model has evolved from simple keyword-driven search into cognitive search applications that leverage AI and knowledge graphs. It can be a constant struggle to upgrade your technology, retain your talent, and tune your applications. As one of our customers likes to say, “Search is never done.”

Pureinsights has deep expertise building and maintaining search applications with conventional search engines. The Pureinsights Discovery Platform integrates knowledge graphs, machine learning, and natural language processing to build enterprise search applications that better understand user intent and deliver answers users want.

Our team offers experienced consulting, best-in-class technology, and a unique service model we call SearchOps™ to help our clients achieve desired search experiences. If you’re looking for a partner to take your own system to the next level, we’re available to tackle your challenges one at a time or take full ownership. In other words, if you give us your search bar, we’ll make it “Work Like Google.”

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Contact Email: info@pureinsights.com
Contact Phone: +1-703-829-5809

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