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The Hybrid Workplace Elevates the Importance of Knowledge Management - eGain

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There is no employee productivity and performance without knowledge. Here are some stunning stats to ponder:

Lack of agent knowledgeability, consistency of answers, and website findability are the biggest impediments to getting good customer service (Source: Forrester consumer survey)

Finding the right answer and confusion from different answers from different knowledge silos are the top pain points for contact center agents (Source: eGain-SurveyMonkey agent survey)

Employees spend 19% of their work time looking for information, not including the time spent in recreating that knowledge (Source: McKinsey)

Hybrid work adds to the challenge

Although companies have been attempting to get employees back to the office with mixed results, the hybrid work model is here to stay. In this new world, employees are often orphaned with no next cube to walk to for answers if they need help.

The solution? Push the right contextual knowledge at the right time to employees in the flow of their work. This level of employee empowerment requires knowledge modernization. And you do with a knowledge hub.

The Knowledge Hub
Implemented as a hub, modern knowledge eliminates silos and becomes a single source of trusted knowledge. It goes beyond documents and search to include policies, procedures, compliance, and functional expertise (e.g., step-by-step guidance on how to resolve a customer problem or execute an account opening process, or recommend a health plan), served up in the context and flow of work—either on demand from employees or proactively.

Knowledge hub transforms hybrid work!

Many of our enterprise clients are already leveraging our knowledge hub to turbocharge employee performance.

Leading BPO armed its 8000 client services employees with the eGain Knowledge Hub™ to handle millions of interactions, cutting agent churn to half of the industry average.

Health insurance company reduced employee training time by 33% and sustained agent performance even when 2000 of them had to go remote overnight when Covid hit.

A mammoth federal government agency reduced case handling time by 25% and boosted their employee engagement score to 92% versus their industry benchmark of 67%.

Final word

The modern knowledge hub has become even more important in the era of hybrid work. It is time to get on the knowledge bandwagon to take your employee and business performance to the next level!

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