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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2021

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Important trends in knowledge management— AI, natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge graphs, blockchain, and low- and no-code development—are shaping the capabilities of products and services for 2021 and beyond.

There are solutions that identify information from documents and data sources to help uncover new opportunities, customer service tools that speed the delivery of customer insights to enable faster responses, powerful search engines that put information at users’ fingertips, solutions that connect information trails from end to end, resources for uncovering hidden connections between entities—and so much more.

While cutting-edge approaches continue to emerge, established solutions are evolving with new capabilities as well, resulting in a wealth of choices for companies looking to leverage their information resources more efficiently.

To help showcase advanced products and services, each year KMWorld magazine looks for offerings that are designed to help organizations derive greater benefit from their information, share knowledge efficiently, make better decisions, enable compliance, effectively support employees, and communicate seamlessly with customers.

On the following pages, we present KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Products list of 2021. These are the products of forward-thinking vendors that are leading the way in innovation. We encourage you to continue your exploration by visiting the companies’ websites for more information.

ABBYY: Vantage—A comprehensive platform of cognitive services that applies AI to understanding documents, ABBYY Vantage makes today’s digital worker and processes smarter by delivering cognitive skills that read, understand, and extract insights from documents, helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation.
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Accenture Digital: Applied Intelligence—Making it easier to transform the enterprise through AI, the Accenture Applied Intelligence Platform allows organizations to apply preconfigured self-learning industry solutions, as well as to develop new solutions, without the need for deep data science expertise.

Access: Access Unify—Access’ integrated information management helps companies manage and activate their critical business information through offsite storage and information governance services, scanning and digital transformation solutions, document management software, and secure destruction services.
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Access Innovations: Data Harmony Crescendo—As the cloud deployment of Data Harmony, Crescendo is designed to help meet the needs of clients to index and process large amounts of data and to allow them to easily deploy scalable, responsive, and self-managing services utilizing Data Harmony.
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Accusoft: Prizm-Doc Suite—Through a collection of UI components and content manipulation APIs, the PrizmDoc Suite helps web developers embed document viewing, editing, processing, and conversion into their applications, creating a seamless experience for organizations and their users.
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Actian: Customer 360—Built on Actian’s Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse, the Customer 360 solution is designed to simplify and accelerate the delivery of customer insights to enable data-driven organizations to shape their customers’ experiences dynamically and cost-effectively for competitive advantage.

Adlib Software: Content Intelligence Platform—Adlib automatically finds information from every document and data source across an enterprise to help address risk and unearth new opportunities and recently expanded its Content Intelligence Platform with enhanced Contract Analytics capabilities to access data locked in complex documents.
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Adobe: Experience CloudA collection of applications and services built on a platform designed for customer experiences, Adobe Experience Cloud provides tools for insights, content, and engagement, so organizations can anticipate and adapt to their customers’ changing expectations—all from a single platform.

airSlate: airSlate—This is a solution that allows anyone to build, integrate, automate, and deploy entire workflows in hours and has a recently added feature, Flow Creator, that enables users to automate and visualize tasks with greater ease.

Allego: Conversation Intelligence—With Allego Conversation Intelligence, sales teams can automatically capture calls and virtual meetings, leveraging AI to perform transcription across multiple languages, automate coaching, and generate alerts— enabling higher win rates and better buying experiences.

ASG Technologies: Data Intelligence—A metadata-driven platform that makes technical data “smarter” through end-to-end views of the data and its movement combined with business meaning and usage guardrails, ASG Data Intelligence enhances data value by making it available to and trusted by users.

BA Insight: SmartHub—A user experience platform that delivers an internet-like, personalized, and highly relevant search experience, SmartHub allows organizations to use whichever search engines they choose while connecting to the applications and data stores that an organization needs.
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Bloomfire: Bloomfire—Helping to organize knowledge and expertise and make it accessible to the people that need it most, Bloomfire’s Knowledge Sharing and Insights Platforms are used at leading companies for empowering sales and marketing, customer service, insights, and employees.
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Capacity: AI-Powered Support Automation Platform—Capacity’s AI-Powered Support Automation Platform connects an organization’s entire tech stack to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions to any business challenge, so it can grow revenue with lower costs, increase employee engagement, and improve customer satisfaction.

Clarabridge: AI-Augmented QM—Changing the game for contact centers, the Clarabridge QM solution is supported by Clarabridge’s patent-pending Intelligent Scoring feature, which incorporates AI-derived drivers into scoring criteria and automates the scoring process across all feedback channels.

CTERA: Enterprise File Services Platform—Enabling cloud-driven enterprise IT organizations to deliver secure file services, CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform enables organizations to connect remote sites and users over a single namespace and deliver HQ-grade data access experiences from any edge location or device.

eGain: Messaging HubPowered by the eGain Customer Engagement Hub, the eGain Messaging Hub offers a complete set of capabilities for messaging-based conversational automation with a novel Bring Your Own Bot (BYOB) architecture that allows businesses to easily plug in their own bots.

Elsevier SciBite: SciBiteAI—A platform that combines deep learning with semantic algorithms to enable customers to exploit life science data and accelerate its downstream use in research and development, SciBiteAI offers an API that provides a consistent interface for users and applications.

EmplifiEmplifi Unified CX Platform—Enabling brands with the insights needed to empathize with customers and amplify the right experiences in order to meet fast-changing expectations across marketing, care, and commerce touchpoints. Emplifi is relied upon by more than 7,000 brands.

eXo: eXo Platform—Providing a user-centered digital workplace with features and tools smartly integrated for a compelling employee experience, the eXo Platform ensures security at all stages—application, infrastructure, software development, and systems.

expert.ai: expert.ai Platform—Offering flexible workflows and out-of-the-box tools to design, develop, and deploy custom NLU-based solutions that transform unstructured language data into insight, the expert.ai Platform supports better decision making and enables knowledge-rich business process automation.

Franz: AllegroGraphA horizontally distributed, multi-model (document and graph), entity-event knowledge graph technology, AllegroGraph enables businesses to extract sophisticated decision insights and predictive analytics from highly complex, distributed data that can’t be answered with conventional databases.
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Hyland Software: Alfresco Content ServicesA modern, cloud-native content services platform, optimized for content model flexibility and performance at scale, Alfresco Content Services delivers advantages in scalability, compliance, search performance, and upgrade paths to help organizations transform business processes and support remote workforces.

IBM: Blockchain PlatformInteroperable and available anywhere for enterprises and entrepreneurs, the cloud-based IBM Blockchain Platform delivers the end-to-end capabilities that clients need to quickly activate and successfully develop, operate, govern, and secure their own business networks.

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