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KyndiCognitive Search Platform—Designed to understand the intent of business users’ inquiries against documents, emails, and manuals to return contextually relevant answers, the Kyndi Cognitive Search Platform can interpret terminology, acronyms, and synonyms without data training or AI skills.

livepro: Knowledge Management System—This system provides a single source of truth, thanks to its powerful search feature, to deliver quick and consistent answers through any channel the customer is seeking information, whether by phone, email, front counter, website, self-service, live chat, or even virtual assistant.

Microsoft: Mesh—Mesh is a new mixed-reality platform powered by Azure that allows people in different physical locations to join collaborative and shared holographic experiences on many kinds of devices.

Mindbreeze: Mindbreeze InSpire—This combines traditional search technologies with technological developments from the field of AI to analyze and interpret business information from connected company data sources to provide employees or customers with a 360-degree view of the topics relevant to them.
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Neo4j: Aura Enterprise—Built on the world’s most widely used graph database, Neo4j Aura now makes the power of relationships available in a cloud-native environment, enabling fast queries for real-time analytics and insights.

NICE: CXOne Expert—This is a comprehensive AI-powered knowledge management solution that reduces friction by projecting personalized content to customers seeking self-service while injecting crucial insights throughout the customer journey.

Nintex USA: Workflow Cloud—With Nintex Workflow Cloud, users can quickly design and deploy deeply integrated, powerful workflow applications with easy-to-configure logic and rules that eliminate manual work—using clicks, not code.

OpenText: OpenText Core Content—Underpinning the OpenText Core family of SaaS applications, Core Content offers robust content management capabilities and integration to lead business applications, including SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud.

Oracle: Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP—This is a suite of financial management capabilities suitable for upper midsize, large, and global enterprises that allows organizations to move to the cloud faster, more easily, and with less risk.

Parascript: FormXtra.AI—Enabling new access to information, FormXtra.AI automates enterprise document processes with unusual accuracy, eliminating manual data entry as well as time-consuming configuration and production management tasks.

Pegasystems: Pega Infinity—With major enhancements to Pega’s customer engagement applications and digital process automation (DPA) platform, Pega Infinity helps organizations accelerate digital transformation (DX) across all areas oftheir business to continuously exceed their customers’ expectations.

Process Street: Workflow Management Software—Build fast, flexible, and fully automated workflows with Process Street’s no-code workflow software that offers improved productivity, increased flexibility, greater accountability, and more.

Pryon: AI-as-a-Service Platform for Content and Knowledge Management—This provides state-of-the-art NLP that reads, organizes, and retrieves information then processes repositories of documents, communications, intranet content, transcripts, and webpages to deliver results to natural language questions through text or voice interactions in an instant.
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ServiceNow: Now Platform—Born in the cloud and built from the ground up with a single data model and a scalable architecture, the Now Platform enables data to flow seamlessly across applications and existing systems.

Shelf: MerlinAI—Actively listening and suggesting answers, responses, recommendations, and decision tree content, MerlinAI helps drill down to the most accurate solution.

Sinequa: Sinequa’s Intelligent Search Platform—This is an innovative cognitive search platform that offers a unified approach (access to information from any source, in any format, whether structured or unstructured, internal or external) to respond to virtually all information access challenges.

Smartlogic: Semaphore—Designed for the world’s largest enterprises that demand scale and quality, Semaphore combines the power of Semantic AI with knowledge model management; precise, complete, and consistent classification and language services; and cutting-edge fact extraction capabilities to enable organizations to reveal smarter decisions.

Sparkwork: Learning Experience Platform—The Sparkwork personalization engine makes sure that the right learning is delivered to the right user at the right time so employees can focus more on doing while Sparkwork focuses on serving the right learning to them on a silver platter.

Synaptica: Graphite—A tool for quickly designing, building, and managing knowledge organization systems using an intuitive graphical user interface, Graphite is based on linked data and semantic web standards and utilizes native RDF concept modeling.

TalkDesk: CX Cloud—Addressing customers’ higher expectations of contact centers today, Talkdesk CX Cloud is a new kind of cloud contact center that provides an end-to-end customer experience solution with a combination of enterprise scale and consumer simplicity.

Tasytt: Obie—Obie uses AI to surface knowledge from silos and deliver it where questions are asked, speeding up internal support and accelerating growth for midsize companies.

TeamViewer: Engage—A next-gen digital customer engagement platform for online sales, digital customer service, and video consultations, Engage empowers companies to elevate their customer experience for lifelong brand loyalty.

Templafy: Engage—This is a new workflow platform that empowers business content creators to follow documents beyond the desktop to complete the document lifecycle fully, ensuring there is transparency in the delivery and collaboration of a document, analytics, and insights.

TrustGrid: TrustGrid Platform—TrustGrid orchestrates multiple state-of-the-art technologies into a single platform, combining innovative cryptography, data privacy, and confidential computing into a highly customizable identity solution.

Verint Systems: Customer Engagement Cloud Platform—This platform helps build the competitive advantage organizations need to focus every part of the business on engaging customers effectively—spanning call centers, back offices, branches, customer experience, marketing, IT, and compliance operations.

VMWare: Anywhere Workspace—This integrated workforce solution builds trust for today’s distributed workforce by empowering and enabling employees, reducing silos and operational overhead, and providing broader and more effective security.

Zoho: QNTRL—This new workflow automation platform can be used to automate interactions between Zoho’s CRM, help desk, mail, analytics, project planning, file management, finance, and HR tools, along with Zoho.com’s competitors, including Workday, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Workspace.

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