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Better search, discovery, and retrieval of information: Access Innovations, Inc. - Data Harmony

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Access Innovations, Inc.: Data Harmony

Data Harmony

Estimates say the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of information per day. Microsoft estimates over 500 billion documents are created annually using Office applications. Much of this data is undiscoverable because metadata is minimal or missing. Increasingly, organizations need to index and semantically enrich large volumes of data to make their content and products discoverable.

Access Innovations, Inc. developed Data Harmony’s Crescendo to address this challenge. Crescendo is the result of a client-driven effort to leverage Access Innovations as a laboratory for our clients implementing semantic solutions. Access Innovations is taking on cutting edge projects with our clients and partners to forward the implementation of thesauri, taxonomies, and ontologies, supporting better search, discovery, and retrieval of information.

As we continue to produce tremendous quantities of data and documents, Crescendo enriches clients’ data easily due to the deployment approach our team has implemented. This approach includes hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing the foundation to infinitely scale depending on the size of our clients’ documents corpuses. Hosting on AWS also increases the throughput to thousands of documents per minute, meeting the needs of e-commerce and other transactional systems.

Leveraging Crescendo, clients have increased the discoverability of their documents and data by over 90% with a productivity increase of 7X. This provides for more granular research, increased product transactions, and overall improvement of the search experience.

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