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Intelligent document processing: ABBYY - Vantage 2

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There’s a skill for that!

Intelligent document processing has been reimagined with ABBYY Vantage 2. It was developed with a new kind of knowledge worker in mind who is looking for a faster way to consume and leverage data contained within documents. ABBYY Vantage 2 is the first no-code, cloud-first platform that enables business users to leverage pre-trained document skills powered by AI technology, or to quickly design, train, and deploy their own document skills to handle the complexities of understanding content, without being an OCR, capture, or machine learning expert.

With the ABBYY Marketplace filled with skills for any document type, Vantage puts the power of advanced intelligent document processing technology into the hands of more people with a “skill for that.”

Vantage is available in the ABBYY Cloud and a follow-on release will be deployable on-premise in private clouds. Right out of the box, show it ANY document and it will suggest a pre-built document skill or point users to the marketplace where additional skills developed by partners are readily available so you can get started. Vantage skills easily connect within any automation platform, including RPA, BPM, IA, IDP, and ECM with connectors from BluePrism, Alteryx, Automation Anywhere, Pega, UiPath, Incture, NICE, Cognigy and others. The ABBYY Marketplace offers an easy-to-use platform to customers and partners to facilitate exchange and use of Vantage skills and assets for the most common and specialty documents fueling enterprises’ systems in finance and accounting, transportation and logistics, financial services, insurance, and many more.

Visit www.abbyy.com/vantage for more information.

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