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The Value of Active File Management Service: Access Corporation - Access Unify

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Access Corporation: Access Unify


In today’s remote and hybrid work environments, digitization has become a global business imperative to ensure that employees have immediate access to documents for optimal productivity.

This need inspired Access to create Access Unify, a technology-enabled, flat-fee active file management service that provides an immediate solution for a phased digital transformation approach. The offering, including on-demand analytics and reporting, evolves how organizations access active files with an industry-leading service time of <4 hours. At its core, Access Unify helps to improve turnaround times, efficiency, cost savings and productivity.

When you transition your onsite files to Access, you can save on costly real estate space, divest from a lease agreement, or repurpose office space for billable/higher value business purposes. And due to Access Unify’s predictable, fixed-fee, bundled service approach, there is no per line-item file management charges. This significantly reduces time spent on billing inquiries while lowering overall operating costs.

With Access Unify, staff will no longer waste cycles filling out internal forms, looking through onsite storage or finding records managers to access files. The solution conveniently delivers digital files directly to existing LOB applications (NetDocuments®, FileTrail®, Office 365®, etc.), SFTP or cloud storage. With minimal training, employees can become digital active file experts, enriching their skillsets and becoming more integral to your organization’s digital transformation initiatives. As a result, staff are empowered to focus on higher value work and drive bottom line business results.

Learn how Access Unify can help your firm. Contact us at 1.877.345.3546 or www.AccessCorp.com/Unify-KMW.

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