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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2020

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IDERA Software: IDERA SQL Compliance Manager—Helps organizations understand their SQL Server environment’s condition and compliance by monitoring, auditing, and alerting about SQL Server database and server activity across the whole environment—whether by ordinary users, applications, or privileged insiders.

Igloo Software: Digital Workplace Solutions—Help companies move beyond traditional intranets to inspiring digital destinations that improve communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and culture, with options that are 100% cloud-based, mobile-enabled, and integrate with the leading enterprise systems and cloud apps.

Intalio: Digital Transformation Solutions—A portfolio of content services, process services, and data governance solutions spanning data capture, document, digital assets and records management, digital signature, case management, correspondence tracking, data integration and processing, and more.
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KMS lighthouse: Knowledge Management Software for Contact Centers—Offers a single point of truth to help call center agents speed up calls and avoid inaccuracies and can function as a personal assistant to answer on-the-job questions as well as help to reduce onboarding and training time.
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Kyndi: Kyndi Reading Automation AI Software—Opens AI’s “black box” and is specifically designed to unlock the intelligence in unstructured text so that businesses can automate more content-driven processes and obtain better and more explainable insights.

Lucidea: InMagic Presto—Enables organizations to create a single venue for managing, finding, and sharing their knowledge resources and makes it easy to connect people with the information they need, so they can spend less time searching and more time doing.

Lucidworks: Lucidworks Fusion—Is an advanced development platform that provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop, and deploy intelligent search applications that offer users contextual, personally relevant results and proactive recommendations with AI that augments their human intelligence.

Microsoft: Project Cortex—Builds on intelligence from the Microsoft Graph, a variety of Microsoft AI technologies, and the content services of SharePoint to automatically organize an organization’s content and delivers innovative experiences in Office, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

Mindbreeze: Mindbreeze InSpire—Combines traditional search technologies with technological developments from the field of AI to analyze and interpret business information from connected company data sources to provide employees or customers with a 360-degree view of the topics relevant to them.
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Mindtouch: MindTouch Knowledge Management Platform—Includes solutions for customer self-service, agent assistance, and departmental knowledge and is trusted by some of the largest global brands to dynamically serve up relevant content wherever a user’s journey starts or ends.

NetDocuments: NetDocuments—Offers a cloud productivity and security platform that allows users to create, view, edit, and share documents on a range of devices without having to worry about putting clients’ data at risk.

Neo4j: Neo4j Graph Database—Is a highly scalable native graph database, purpose-built to leverage not only data but also data relationships to allow developers to build intelligent applications that traverse today’s large, interconnected datasets in real time.

Nintex USA: Nintex Platform for Process Management and Automation—Provides intelligent process automation capabilities within a no-code platform to empower line-of-business workers to automate, orchestrate, and optimize business processes without waiting for IT. 

Nuxeo: Nuxeo Content Services Platform—Is cloud-native and low-code, providing organizations with a rapid-deployment approach to power up application development and enterprise modernization in the cloud in order to enhance customer experiences, improve decision making, and accelerate products to market.

Okera: Okera Platform for Data Access and Governance—Manages data access across a multi-cloud, multi-datastore, and multi-tool world, reducing friction between agility and governance with greater accessibility, protection, and visibility.

Ontotext: GraphDB—Is an enterprise-ready semantic graph database, compliant with W3C Standards, that offers RDF and SPARQL support and provides the infrastructure for solutions where modeling agility, data integration, relationship exploration, and cross-enterprise data publishing and consumption are important.

OpenText: OpenText Enterprise Information Management Software Platform—Offers solutions that manage the creation, capture, use, and eventual lifecycle of structured and unstructured information, allowing organizations to extract value from their information, secure that information, and meet compliance requirements.

Oracle: Oracle ERP Cloud—A cloud-based software application suite with embedded AI and the latest technologies for managing enterprise functions and processes, such as financials, accounting, procurement, projects, risk, performance management, and more to better react to internal goals and external pressures.

Parascript: Intelligent Document Processing—Solutions that address organizations’ need to manage all manner of documents, whether scanned, faxed, or generated from applications, in order to maximize efficiency, adaptability, and the customer experience, while reducing costs.

Pegasystems: Cloud Software for Customer Engagement— A low-code application development platform that allows enterprises to quickly build and evolve apps to meet their customer and employee needs and drive digital transformation on a global scale.

ProcessMaker: Low-Code Workflow Automation Platform—Automates document-intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems to empower business users from finance to IT to HR to design and run their own workflows—with no coding experience required.

Raytion: Search-Based Solutions and Content Integration—Are powered by commercial and open source search engines, Raytion’s connectors and UI framework, and its consultants and engineers to support the entire project lifecycle—starting from the strategy and technology evaluation, up to ongoing search analytics management and operations.

SAS: Visual Text Analytics—Provides a flexible environment that supports the entire analytics lifecycle—spanning data prep, discovering analytic insights, and putting models into production—to realize value while enabling users to manage and share content, including best practice pipelines, in a collaborative workspace.

SciBite: SciBite Platform—Helps to unlock previously inaccessible data and knowledge from life science texts—making the process of extracting and analyzing data and information easier so organizations can continue to push understanding forward.

SDL: SDL Tridion DX—Combines the strengths of SDL Tridion Sites (web content management), SDL Tridion Docs (structured content management), and SDL Dynamic Experience Delivery into one intelligent platform to manage and deliver marketing, commerce, product, and service information to customers, partners, and employees.
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Semantic Web Company: PoolParty Semantic Suite—An AI platform based on semantic technologies and machine learning that supports enterprises in information and metadata management, data analytics, and content excellence by helping them build and manage enterprise knowledge graphs as a basis for various AI applications.

Signavio: Signavio Business Transformation Suite—Enables organizations to “unleash the power of process” with an integrated solution that allows them to mine, model, analyze, optimize, and execute processes—all at the accelerated speed of insights.

Sinequa: Sinequa’s Intelligent Search Platform—An innovative cognitive search platform that offers a unified approach (access to information from any source, in any format, whether structured or unstructured, internal or external) to respond to virtually all information access challenges.
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Smartlogic: Semaphore—A semantic AI platform that allows organizations to reveal qualified contextual data to drive initiatives such as improving customer experience, contract lifecycle management, records management, data and text analytics, process automation, regulatory compliance, and information security.

Stardog: Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform—A platform that combines graph database technology and an AI-based knowledge toolkit to enable fast and flexible data unification so users can query and analyze, and uncover hidden insights.

Starmind: Starmind Platform—A platform, accessible on a desktop as well as a mobile application, that enhances productivity by providing employees with answers and expertise using data from more than 200 sources, including corporate intranets, Slack, Jive, and Microsoft Office and Teams.

Synaptica: Synaptica KMS—Scalable enterprise taxonomy management system that improves retrieval by mapping terms to alternative synonyms, aliases, and acronyms and improves discovery by providing navigational paths to find broader, narrower, and related content.

Systemware: Content Cloud—Enables organizations to connect legacy and distributed information across the organization and allows users to find and extract information from wherever it is stored and transform and deliver it in the context needed.

Upland Software: RightAnswers—Knowledge software to help make IT help desk and customer service agents more productive, improving both employee and customer experiences with a centralized knowledge hub to create, maintain, and locate relevant information quickly.

Verint Systems: Customer Engagement Software—Helps build the competitive advantage organizations need to focus every part of the business on engaging customers effectively—spanning call centers, back offices, branches, customer experience, marketing, IT, and compliance operations.

Vocalcom: Hermes360—An intuitive and scalable omnichannel contact center solution that provides agility for agents and smart conversations with customers across unlimited channels—along with security whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Xillio: Xillio Insights—Provides interactive dashboards to help companies with their content migration and clean-up strategies and—together with Xillio’s migration connectors—can analyze any content system, including Documentum, FileNet, OpenText Content Server, Livelink, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and file shares.

Zoho: Cloud-Based Office Suite—Includes four sophisticated, cloud-based productivity software applications—Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and Zoho Notebook—enhanced with Zia, Zoho’s AI-powered assistant to provide contextual collaboration to meet the diverse, end-to-end business needs of users.

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