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Boosting Organizational Efficiencies with Insight Engines

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Mindbreeze: Mindbreeze InSpire


Boost your department’s efficiency

Using the power of AI for business process transformation is a core element for implementing digital business strategies and has now become a top priority for all successful companies. The employees, the individual departments, and the work processes that are put into daily practice need to be carefully considered. In the process, it frequently becomes apparent that employees are still wasting much of their valuable time with the mundane task of gathering information. This is one aspect that demands serious attention because at the end of the day, successful long-term solutions can only be achieved through a sustainable, AI-supported transformation of processes. We guide businesses through this transformation and—with our insight engine Mindbreeze InSpire—we supply the ideal basis for making information available securely, quickly, efficiently, and in context.

A diverse range of business areas—including customer service, maintenance and repair, project management, and human resource management—are already harnessing the benefits of Mindbreeze InSpire. The search applications provided are tailored to the specific requirements of each department, creating a solid basis that supports business process transformation as well as the day-to-day operations—as a research tool, for instance, or to create graphically enhanced summaries. If you need further applications, the Insight App Designer lets you create a custom search application for any department quickly and easily, without needing any programming skills. Get started now with Mindbreeze InSpire and boost the efficiency of your departments.

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