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July/August 2023 [Volume 32, Issue 4]


AI 100 Trailblazer - Coveo AI: Helps Enterprises Achieve a Total Experience (CX + EX) Strategy

With Coveo AI, companies get a best-of-breed, industry-leading platform (Gartner, Forrester) that amplifies existing systems and technologies. They also get a platform that leverages AI as it was meant to be used - to augment our human capabilities.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Enterprise Knowledge - Leading at the Intersection of Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to transform how organizations do business, combining an organization's wealth of knowledge, information, and data, in all its forms, to help people make decisions, spot trends, learn, and perform in new ways. However, none of that can come to fruition without the right foundations of quality content, appropriate structure, and consistent mapping and design of relationships.

AI 100 Trailblazer: AI Knowledge Fabrics: Franz Inc.

Financial institutions, healthcare providers, contact centers, manufacturing firms, government agencies and other data-driven enterprises that use AllegroGraph gain a holistic, future-proofed Data Fabric architecture for big data predictive analytics and machine learning across complex knowledge bases to discover deep connections, uncover new patterns and attain explainable results.

AI 100 Trailblazer: KMS Lighthouse: Pioneering the Future of AI in Knowledge Management

KMS Lighthouse has developed AI technology and automation solutions including smart routing, agent assist and auto-answer. KMS Lighthouse Automation technology saves millions per year by learning from historical free text customer engagements to streamline ticketing, email and chat for employees and customers.

AI 100 Trailblazer - Kyndi: Unlock the value in enterprise knowledge with Generative AI Answer Engine

Designed as a complete solution, Kyndi's Answer Engine combines the strengths of large language models, vector and semantic data representations, embeddings, and other novel AI techniques on the same platform, reducing the cost associated with developing, integrating, and maintaining disjointed component technologies. With Kyndi, customers have achieved 9X faster deployment compared to alternative AI solutions.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Lucidworks - Lucidworks Makes Search a Superpower

Lucidworks Fusion platform provides customers with a powerful, adaptable search platform that captures user behavior and utilizes machine learning to connect people with the products, content, and information they need.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Mindbreeze—Extract Information that Matters to You

Using knowledge extraction, Mindbreeze enables key information and its meaning to be obtained and linked to previously labeled data. This revolutionary technique can transform outdated business processes and reduce timely job functions.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Northern Light - Northern Light SinglePoint uses AI to accelerate researchers’ time-to-insight

SinglePoint™ contains several innovative applications of artificial intelligence to accelerate time-to-insight for business researchers. The latest is a generative AI-based "question answering" capability built on top of OpenAI's or Microsoft's GPT-3.5 Turbo large language model.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Openstream.ai® - Conversational AI for Visionaries

Openstream's Conversational AI addresses the unique needs of enterprises by including features for reasoning & inference, explainability, trust, data governance, and privacy protection to provide them with solid foundations for growth while reducing risk.

AI 100 Trailblazer - Pureinsights: Revolutionizing Search with AI-Powered Solutions

In today's knowledge-driven world, search plays a crucial role, and its complexity continues to grow. Traditional keyword-based search engines have evolved into cognitive search applications that leverage AI and knowledge graphs. At Pureinsights, we understand the ongoing challenges faced by organizations in upgrading technology, retaining talent, and fine-tuning applications.

AI 100 Trailblazer - SearchUnify: Driving Knowledge Management Success Globally with a Federated Retrieval Augmented, LLM-infused Platform

SearchUnify is a leading unified cognitive platform for elevating selfservice and customer support outcomes. The platform enables support teams to solve more customer queries faster, predict case escalations with ease, and drive knowledge-centered service, thereby improving FCR and support ROI. SearchUnify also enables community managers to drive self-service success and community engagement with sentiment adaptive, auto-responses fueled by cognitive applications. Furthermore, the platform empowers knowledge managers to boost employee productivity by improving knowledge discovery and findability with real-time insights. 

AI 100 Trailblazer: Poolparty Semantic AI: Fact Validated Insights for ESG Compliance

The Semantic AI capabilities of PoolParty capture the knowledge of enterprise experts in a domain that can be utilized in various integrated solutions— in other words, it is AI that is not only powerful but also trustworthy.

AI Trailblazer : Shelf - Revolutionizing Knowledge Management with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Shelf's flexible and user-friendly platform quickly generates value for the world's largest enterprises in complex KM projects. By providing crucial information when needed, the solution enhances day-to-day workflows without disrupting users' tasks but enhances productivity.

The KMWorld AI 100: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management

AI reaches many different areas within organizations—marketing, customer service, legal, finance, human resources, compliance, fleet maintenance, manufacturing, sales, and other business units as well. AI touches almost every piece of an organization's structure and operations, as well as their customer-facing presence. 

The future of search: Conversational, semantic, and vectorized models

The motions impacting search will likely continue apace for the foreseeable future. The coalescing of different techniques, from vector search to semantic search, keyword search to federated search, and more, will likely continue to deliver the most relevant results to users and the models underpinning these mechanisms.


The flexibility of current visualization tools makes them an asset to any analytical initiative. These products can visualize data contained in relational databases or graph databases, and they provide engaging opportunities for exploring data to reveal information that predefined queries would not. As AI capabilities are incorporated and natural language interfaces become the norm, visualization will only become easier and more valuable in the coming years. 


Hoarding information is stunting growth: Six ways to create a culture of knowledge champions

Creating a culture of knowledge sharing requires a shift in culture. This may sound like a daunting task, but it's doable if you approach it with incremental changes across the key areas of your business.


David Weinberger

The ChatGPT ways of knowledge

These two types of knowing—understanding the world and understanding knowledge—are, in some important ways, at odds in AI-based chatbots.

The Future of the Future

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary leadership

The emergence of hybrid work environments post-COVID has resulted in the accelerated introduction of technologies and methods that increasingly enable the adaptive, democratic enterprise.

Ethical Innovation

The evolution of the KM technology stack

Historically, KM managers have tried to centralize knowledge assets into a single KM platform and curate within it. But outside of a few niche use cases, this has not been feasible for many years. Combining few KM human resources and an increasing data deluge makes it impractical. That is not to say we don't have the tools and resources to manage knowledge assets effectively; rather, we need to recognize corporate realities, be open to innovation, and embrace radical change.

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