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AI 100 Trailblazer - Coveo AI: Helps Enterprises Achieve a Total Experience (CX + EX) Strategy

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Knowledge management is due for a transformation. A new movement has emerged, driven by the democratization of AI through ChatGPT. KM leaders are in a great position to gain from the AI hype, should they quickly pivot to the prioritization of such projects under the umbrella of AI-driven transformation.

The fact of the matter is that ‘knowledge’ is at the core of every digital experience - whether that includes prospects browsing for content, customers engaging in self-service, or employees looking to find the right information to complete a project. AI exists to help accelerate and scale KM and IT teams’ ability to deliver world-class digital experiences. Unfortunately, many companies have been left with false promises, manual coding, and have yet to understand how AI can really help them transform the enterprise.

With Coveo AI, companies get a best-of-breed, industry-leading platform (Gartner, Forrester) that amplifies existing systems and technologies. They also get a platform that leverages AI as it was meant to be used - to augment our human capabilities.

Coveo AI does so by making information securely available to the people that need it most, wherever they are. Purpose-built machine learning models - such as query suggest, recommendations, smart snippets, case classification, and generative answering - are applied to improve a user’s experience while personalizing their digital journey.

With a growing trend towards establishing a total experience strategy (using force multiplying technology like AI Search to service customers AND employees) companies can deliver on increasing expectations - at scale, with one AI platform.



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