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AI 100 Trailblazer - Kyndi: Unlock the value in enterprise knowledge with Generative AI Answer Engine

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Knowledge workers spend 20% of their time looking for information about their company, and that’s one day per week of lost productivity. The remote and hybrid workforce further aggravates the situation because getting the right answers from colleagues is more difficult. To improve efficiency, enterprises must adopt an effective digital solution that provides accurate and trustworthy content whenever their employees seek information.

Customers also need immediate answers, and they increasingly want self-service solutions to get their questions answered without having to call support. If they can't find the information via self-service quickly, they will likely become frustrated and look elsewhere.

Kyndi’s Generative AI Answer Engine is designed to enhance user productivity and satisfaction by transforming how they find answers to their questions. Powered by leading-edge AI technologies including large language models, generative AI, and hybrid vector and semantic databases, Kyndi’s Answer Engine enables enterprises to deliver direct, contextually relevant, and trustworthy answers to employees and customers for enhanced decision-making, productivity, and user experience. With direct, accurate, and trustworthy information at their fingertips, users can make informed business decisions with confidence.

Designed as a complete solution, Kyndi’s Answer Engine combines the strengths of large language models, vector and semantic data representations, embeddings, and other novel AI techniques on the same platform, reducing the cost associated with developing, integrating, and maintaining disjointed component technologies. With Kyndi, customers have achieved 9X faster deployment compared to alternative AI solutions.

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