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March/April 2018 (100 Companies) [Volume 27, Issue 2]

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John Thompson, CEO Knosys Limited, on How To Take Control of Your Organizational Knowledge.

Masaharu Nakayama, President of Panasonic System Communications Company of North America Discusses How Knowledge Gains Power Only When It Is Organized.

Verint, Elan Moriah, President, Customer Engagement Solutions discusses the Drivers Powering Automation in Today's Enterprises

Accenture, Kamran Khan, Managing Director Reviews Three Things Organizations Should Consider When Approaching Knowledge Management.

Attivio, Stephen Baker, CEO Discusses AI-Powered Search Solutions.

eGain Corporation, Anand Subramaniam, SVP Global Marketing: View From The Top

Empolis, Stefan Wess, CEO Explains AI and Big Data Technologies Key Role in the Digital Revolution.

Enterprise Knowledge, Zach Wahl, CEO on Creating Comprehensive Solutions by Connecting Knowledge and Information Management.

Mindbreeze, Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO on How AI-based Technologies Helps to Make Big Data Manageable

Nuxeo, Eric Barroca, CEO Discusses How Cloud Platforms Transform Content and Digital Asset Management

Rivet Logic Corporation, Mike Vertal, President & CEO on Forward Thinking Organizations and Digital Transformation

Upland Software–RightAnswers, Mounir Hilal, MBA, BEng, PMP Chief Customer Officer SVP, Project and IT Management Solutions gives his views on Better KM for Superior Self-Service


Business intelligence: managing data complexity with analytics

When BI is pervasive, it becomes part of the mainstream and an integral part of each worker's job.

Data visualization: the power to produce an engaging, insightful experience

Visualization serves a vital role not just in providing insights about the existing state but also in measuring the impact of actions taken based on those insights.

The critical confluence of information governance and security breaches

"Data governance is looking at data from a protection, compliance perspective."

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2018

The companies we have chosen this year have proven their stuff.

Reimagining the clinical trial registry

Even if patients are generally aware of clinical trials, where do they learn more details about them? The commonly accepted place where the information is kept is in government registries such as clinicaltrials.gov. Surveys have shown patients trust them the most. "They start digging there, but often they do not find information that is pertinent or understandable," Moreira says, "and they start losing interest and all the work around awareness goes down the drain."

RPA meets cognitive capture

RPA is a small segment of the software market, currently worth less than $200 million in worldwide revenues. It can only handle repetitive tasks with known data. When data formats are new and unknown, it does not know what to do. Cognitive capture is the enabler that will cause the RPA industry to grow rapidly as it broadens its capability to better understand the data and images accessed.


David Weinberger

Knowledge is a tool

There's some knowledge you know you need, but there's far more knowledge you don't know you'll need.

The Future of the Future

No one left behind

It's inexcusable for anyone with a serious disability to have to wait for technology to catch up. It's here already. It's the user community that needs to catch up. And we KM'ers need to be right out in front.

Cognitive Computing

My teammate the bot—really?

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