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John Thompson, CEO Knosys Limited, on How To Take Control of Your Organizational Knowledge.

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The landscape of knowledge management is an ever-changing vista of systems, tools and technologies. Moreover, within the landscape, sit enterprises and their users, be they employees or executives or external stakeholders, who are generating new information and content at an explosive rate.

Many companies see the value of that content often as only the content itself. Organisations that are taking control of their knowledge though understand that there are many more gains to be had. How is the content being used, when, and by whom? What else has the author created on the same topic? When users are consuming the content, how did they find it? What search terms did they use? Finally, was what the user obtained useful? Did it allow the user to move on to their next task, or their next call? We ignore these insights at our peril.

Future knowledge management solutions will need deeper levels of automation and machine learning elements to provide these insights. Going forward KM solutions will require greater understanding of what the user is doing. This comprehension must be based on user behaviour, anticipating and personalising the information provided based on what is useful to them and automatically improving the quality of the knowledge base by determining what is no longer valuable and promoting the most valuable assets available.

Some may refer to this as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Instead of the grandiose claims that some vendors make, that it will solve all an organisation’s problems, it is better to focus on those technologies within this space that can add real value to the knowledge management system setup, the consumption of information or its operational efficiency. Accordingly, we expect to see more significant progress and contribution from improved natural language processing, increased predictive analytics and enhanced machine learning to present more relevant information and thus reduce the effort lost to searching.

These are just some of the areas that Knosys is expanding to help organisations take control of their organisational knowledge. Does your knowledge system add that intelligence? KnowledgeIQ can.

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