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Attivio, Stephen Baker, CEO Discusses AI-Powered Search Solutions.

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Traditional enterprise search is broken. Simply put, all the amazing consumer applications that we use regularly to help us with our daily routines (Alexa,
Google, Siri, etc.) do not have an analog in the enterprise, but we at Attivio believe there should be.

Employees in very large, global enterprises should be able to find information, and gain insight, with a spoken question, a natural language text input, an image, and virtually any other way that feels natural and intuitive. We say “no” to employees having to perform semantic acrobatics to find the information that will help them be more productive, work smarter, and deliver on their company’s objectives.
By using AI and cognitive computing, Attivio paves the way to make modern, machine-learning based search a fundamental cornerstone of any enterprise.

The Attivio platform enables companies to get to market with their AI-powered search solutions 10-25 times faster and 10-70 times more cost effectively than with competing products. This has been benchmarked and verified by customers and prospects against common commercial and open source rivals.

Recognized by Forrester as a Leader in the Cognitive Search & Knowledge Discovery Wave, Attivio is used by Fortune 1000 / Global 2000 companies to transform the productivity of employees through efficient and comprehensive access to information and insights, increase customer intimacy through intent-driven customer service, and streamline risk and compliance workflows through machine learning-based risk detection and pattern recognition.

Learn more at www.attivio.com.

275 Grove Street
Newton, MA 02466
PH: +1.857.226.5040
Contact: info@attivio.com
Web: www.attivio.com

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