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Accenture, Kamran Khan, Managing Director Reviews Three Things Organizations Should Consider When Approaching Knowledge Management.

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Accenture is honored to be recognized by KM World as an industry leader in Knowledge Management. Today’s knowledge management solutions are ever-evolving, and many are aimed at providing end-users with solutions to help them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. In many cases, knowledge isn’t right at employee’s fingertips—causing process and project inefficiencies, and oftentimes, forcing them to reinvent the wheel which can be extremely costly.

But, there are many solutions companies can implement or fine-tune to accommodate employees’ needs, helping them perform to their maximum potential. As the Content Analytics Group within Accenture Applied Intelligence, here are three things we believe organizations should think about when approaching knowledge management:

♦ Search—Search is still extremely important and is typically used as a primary interface for most projects. Therefore, it’s critical that structured and unstructured content is properly indexed in order to provide a 360-degree view of the enterprise.

♦ Natural Language Processing (NLP)—NLP has become the essential tool for many new business functions with solutions ranging from chatbots and question answering systems to digital assistants. This is driven by the desire for ease of use and a better user experience.

♦ Machine Learning and AI—The purpose is to deliver on the promise of “cognitive” search solutions where employee needs are anticipated or learned through behavioral analysis.

We look forward to sharing our expertise in these areas as well as real customer examples of how we’ve helped organizations fine-tune their KM platforms. Learn more at www.searchtechnologies.com.

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