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Verint, Elan Moriah, President, Customer Engagement Solutions discusses the Drivers Powering Automation in Today's Enterprises

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A Look at the Drivers Powering Automation in Today’s Enterprises

The uptake and use of automation continues to gain traction across the enterprise, fueled by the need for organizations to innovate their offerings, accelerate time to market and maintain competitive advantage in today’s digital world.

Forward-thinking organizations recognize that the effective adoption and use of automation solutions within their customer engagement operations can be game-changing, yielding higher revenue, lower operating costs and greater customer satisfaction.

By applying the latest advances in analytics and artificial intelligence—including natural language processing and machine learning—to customer service, your company can simplify and modernize customer and employee engagement, cross-channel service delivery and back-office operations that help shape the customer experience.

Off-loading manual, tedious and error-prone tasks from employees to software robots takes automation a step further. From replacing manual processing for single and multistep processes, to helping employees complete their work faster and more accurately, automation frees up time for your employees to focus on more value-added activities, such as cultivating deeper customer relationships, delivering world-class experiences and driving greater business value for your organization.


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