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Mindbreeze, Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO on How AI-based Technologies Helps to Make Big Data Manageable

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Information insight makes quick work of ever-increasing data

Thanks to major new customers, Mindbreeze has achieved massive growth in North America.

Knowledge management and information insight are not just a question of “finding” information. All the data that companies collect and digitalize on an ongoing basis also needs to be continuously analyzed and intelligently filtered according to specified criteria. Without powerful solutions like Mindbreeze InSpire, companies risk getting lost in the ever-growing data jungle.

Mindbreeze InSpire has the ability to recognize patterns and correlations where other applications see only a chaotic mass of data, and can help you utilize exactly the information you need to empower your business decisions.

Mindbreeze InSpire is able to make big data manageable and creates value for business users. The appliance captures all company information, structured and unstructured, and recognizes semantic correlations between the data. Linking and synthesizing all relevant data is crucial for providing employees with a quick and complete 360-degree view of customers, projects, and other relevant material. The information is clearly prepared and presented so that every employee (even non-data scientists) can derive clear answers—actionable insights —from big data analyses. This requires an approach that is more qualitative than quantitative, as well as a high degree of data visualization. Using AI-based technologies such as NLP and NLQA, Mindbreeze is able to understand natural language, to apprehend textual contents, and thus to correctly determine the user’s needs.

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