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An organization’s first priority is its customers. But the place where customer touchpoints meet operations is getting more complex.

The point at which prospective customers contact the business offers the best opportunity to convert them into loyal, repeat customers. However, it becomes difficult to do so if the experience is marred by too many issues.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Doron Gower, chief solution architect of KMS Lighthouse, who discussed how to supercharge customer experience and support.

The challenge that befalls every enterprise consists of three issues, Gower explained. These are finding the right answer, the right time, and the right person.

According to the “2018 Gladly Customer Service Expectations Survey,” 71% of customers want a consistent experience across any channel, but it’s a reality for only 29%, and 78% of customers feel that omnichannel support is rare, or never happens.

This is where KMS Lighthouse comes in, Gower said. Lighthouse enhances every interaction by empowering agents and customers with accurate and consistent answers.

KMS Lighthouse offers the following capabilities:

♦ A state-of-the-art knowledge solution for contact centers, branches, and head offices

♦ The ability to publish content directly to customers diverting traffic to the website with a portal and widgets

♦ Empowerment of third-party technologies with knowledge managed in Lighthouse

The platform also offers a fully configurable user interface/user experience, allows organizations to get answers quickly, and enables users to compare products or competitors’ offerings side-by-side to help close sales and ensure that customers are receiving the product they are looking for. Lighthouse can guide employees and customers through a defined step-by-step process to provide consistent, informed service, Gower added.

A list of archived webcasts and upcoming web events is available at www.kmworld.com/Webinars.

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