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July/August 2024 [Volume 33, Issue 4]


AI 100 Trailblazer: Atlas - Trailblazers in Intelligent Knowledge Management

ClearPeople's flagship product, Atlas, is the first Intelligent Knowledge Platform built specifically for Microsoft 365. Atlas tackles the critical organizational challenge of unlocking knowledge within Microsoft 365 and other enterprise systems, to drive your business forward.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Enterprise Knowledge - Taking AI Beyond a Prototype: At the Intersection of Knowledge and Data Management

Throughout the many AI solutions we have developed within both the public and private sector, we differentiate ourselves by working alongside our clients to weave KM and data management practices through knowledge graphs and a semantic layer and build user-focused AI solutions that are embedded within organizational processes, support the organizational mission, and reflect how people and processes fuel enablement and adoption.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Lucidworks - Your Trusted Partner for AI-Powered Search and Discovery

Lucidworks' total AI solutions seamlessly integrate cutting-edge generative AI models with over a decade of proven search expertise. We create personalized experiences for customers and employees, driving engagement and results across key applications like knowledge management, commerce, and service & support.

AI 100 Trailblazer- M-Files: Unleash the benefits of knowledge work automation and superior GenAI experiences

The M-Files metadata foundation drives superior AI experiences by creating a unique, customer-specific information model that surrounds all content, ensuring safe and high-quality results. With M-Files, organizations automatically get the mandatory enablers for successful AI deployment: connectivity, confidentiality and curation.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Northern Light optimizes GenAI for market and competitive intelligence research

Key to the accuracy of SinglePoint's GenAI responses is Northern Light's use of retrieval augmented generation (RAG); only sources from vetted content collections within the client organization's SinglePoint portal— business news, primary or licensed secondary market research, thought leaders' commentary, technology white papers, conference abstracts, or industry and government databases—are tapped for answers. There's virtually no risk of "hallucination" since SinglePoint does not rely on a commercial large language model's internet-based training data.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Openstream.ai® - Conversational AI for Visionaries

Openstream.ai serves global enterprises with a visionary platform continually tuned by world-class AI experts, orchestrating the latest AI approaches and tools to deliver state-of-the-art conversational experiences.

AI 100 Trailblazer: RightAnswers - Future-Proof Your Contact Center: Harnessing AI for Superior Knowledge Management And Customer Service

Your contact center is crucial to your company, so equipping agents with cutting-edge technology is essential for delivering top-notch service. RightAnswers from Upland Software, a leader in AI knowledge management, simplifies creating, maintaining, and accessing relevant information when needed.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Sugarwork - Unlocking the 80% of institutional knowledge not captured by existing KM tools

Sugarwork is designed for companies to capture institutional knowledge—both tacit and explicit—and make it accessible to anyone in the organization. It leverages GenAI to enable organizations to capture the information, insights, and nuances of daily operations.

AI Trailblazer Profile: Talkdesk- Leading the charge against bad customer experience

Talkdesk Knowledge Management leverages AI to enhance self-service and agent-assisted automation. It consolidates articles from third-party platforms for federated search and uses LLM-based generation and semantic search for faster content retrieval.

The KMWorld AI 100: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management

It's easy to become overwhelmed, even awestruck at the amount of information about AI, particularly GenAI, being thrown at us on a daily basis. The ability of AI technologies to process vast amounts of data, recognize patterns that humans can't see, and generate new knowledge and insights boggles the imagination. The challenge faced by knowledge managers is determining what is actually useful and will have staying power.

Gaining competitive advantage from non-textual information

With the right approaches, tools, and self-service facilities, it is possible for users possessing any degree of technical aptitude to quickly find and avail themselves of non-textual content.

Taking the leap: Migrating to a new platform

The key best practice is upfront planning, including having an understanding of the potentially far-reaching impact of migration.

AI for KM: Unlocking the future with a human-centric focus

Developing and honing your KM team's change management capabilities are two of the most important things you can do to help your organization prepare for AI and implement it effectively. Partnerships with IT are also critical, not only for helping KM implement new technologies, but by also providing opportunities for KM to provide value back to the business.


The transformative role of AI in the next generation of records management

While there are many ways AI will disrupt and advance the records management process, these four key applications will make the biggest impact: automating document classification and tagging, records retention and data hygiene, leveraging natural language processing for record analysis and predictive analytics for records management.

KM in Practice

Healthcare giants partner with Quadient to utilize its Intelligent Communication Automation platform

Quadient delivers powerful, reliable, and transformative solutions to drive substantial business value for highly regulated industries

TomTom utilizes Storyblok’s CMS to streamline content operations

TomTom migrated to Storyblok within 3 months and decreased content development costs by 30%, according to the company


David Weinberger

When AI’s eyes are smiling

As of now, GenAI doesn't learn from the knowledge it creates any more than a paint-mixing machine learns more about colors every time it's used.

The Future of the Future

What is Bharat and why should you care?

Knowledge should always be considered as accretive, not something that's "here today, gone tomorrow."

Ethical Innovation

The end of tech glory days

The tech industry's glory days may be fading a little, but this is not a time for despair. It's an opportunity for renewal. By shifting to a needs-driven approach, the industry can ensure its relevance in a rapidly changing landscape.

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