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AI 100 Trailblazer: Sugarwork - Unlocking the 80% of institutional knowledge not captured by existing KM tools

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The average large US business loses $47 million worth of productivity annually from inefficient knowledge sharing, according to the Panopto Workplace Knowledge and Productivity Report. Specifically, the sharing of “tacit knowledge”: the unwritten, intuitive knowledge that individuals acquire through personal experiences. It’s hard to articulate and transfer to others. Yet, as much as 80% of employees’ knowledge lies in this form. What’s the historical relationship between a company and a customer? What are the best practices for reducing procurement costs? What are some of the “unwritten rules” of company culture that can help productivity ?

Introducing Sugarwork: capturing tacit (and explicit) knowledge at scale

Sugarwork is designed for companies to capture institutional knowledge—both tacit and explicit—and make it accessible to anyone in the organization. It leverages GenAI to enable organizations to capture the information, insights, and nuances of daily operations. Sugarwork facilitates the streamlined capture and retention of this type of information, so companies can save time and resources to focus on what matters most.

Proof point: Organization reduces onboarding time by 70%

One Sugarwork customer went through a restructuring process that required the geographic transfer of core engineering functions, moving knowledge from a global team of over 130 engineers. With Sugarwork, employees scalably transferred information on a secure and automated platform, utilizing generative AI to capture key insights. Sugarwork reduced onboarding time by 70%, empowering this customer to truly own its institutional knowledge—both tacit and explicit.

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