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AI 100 Trailblazer: RightAnswers - Future-Proof Your Contact Center: Harnessing AI for Superior Knowledge Management And Customer Service

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We cannot underestimate the immense pressure contact center agents face daily, from sifting through support documents to spending hours searching various systems for the right information, all while your customer waits for a solution. Not having the right tools makes it difficult to deliver the exceptional service customers expect. We all know, unhappy agents lead to unhappy customers, lost revenue, and reputational damage to your brand. So, what can you do to keep both your agents and customers satisfied?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed our work, significantly boosting productivity. In customer service, AI enhances agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Your contact center is crucial to your company, so equipping agents with cutting-edge technology is essential for delivering top-notch service. RightAnswers from Upland Software, a leader in AI knowledge management, simplifies creating, maintaining, and accessing relevant information when needed. Its powerful neural AI search and Generative AI capabilities:

♦ Boost efficiency by integrating knowledge sources and delivering accurate answers through applications like ServiceNow, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HTML sites using the RightAnswers X browser extension.

♦ Support agents with easy-to-read AI-generated answers from trusted knowledge articles.

♦ Save time by helping authors quickly create high-quality knowledge articles, making in-demand content available in minutes.

♦ Enhance self-service initiatives to reduce call volume and improve customer journeys through APIs and customizable portals.

RightAnswers is backed by a global team of passionate knowledge experts dedicated to addressing modern challenges, including AI integration, partnering with organizations worldwide to deliver top-tier service.

Contact us to learn how our tailored knowledge management solutions can future-proof your AI investments.


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