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AI 100 Trailblazer- M-Files: Unleash the benefits of knowledge work automation and superior GenAI experiences

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With the emergence of generative AI (GenAI), knowledge work is entering a new era of transformation. M-Files is leading this transformation with its knowledge work automation platform, which automates the entire process from document creation and management to workflow automation, external collaboration, enterprise search, security, compliance and audit trail.

M-Files’ GenAI assistant, M-Files Aino, enables real-time, context-aware assistance to process vast amounts of information quickly, get answers to complex questions and arrive at conclusions faster. Its multilingual capabilities support global enterprises by summarizing documents and answering questions in any language, saving these insights as searchable metadata.

The M-Files metadata foundation drives superior AI experiences by creating a unique, customer-specific information model that surrounds all content, ensuring safe and high-quality results. With M-Files, organizations automatically get the mandatory enablers for successful AI deployment: connectivity, confidentiality and curation.

Connectivity: M-Files seamlessly integrates data from all key storage systems and software solutions and automatically classifies it, providing AI with access to the high-quality data inputs it needs to deliver real value.

Confidentiality: M-Files prioritizes information security, ensuring that only authorized users access sensitive data. Its advanced metadata tagging enables granular access controls, meeting the needs of security-conscious clients.

Curation: M-Files ensures AI uses relevant and current information with automated version control, content governance and precise business context. Placing content in context improves search capabilities and AIs ability to deliver more accurate results compared to traditional approaches.

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Web: www.m-files.com

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