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Digital Adoption Soars, AI Helps Leaders Remove Friction from the Customer Journey

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As technology advances and digital channel adoption skyrockets, there’s a growing gap between organizations and consumer expectations—a gap that is creating significant friction in an already disjointed customer journey. People who’ve grown accustomed to seamless journeys in a few key areas of their lives—virtual doctor’s appointments, online shopping, and streamed entertainment to name a few—are no longer willing to accept friction in other areas of their lives. 

As such, friction has become the key driver of how people feel about their experience with a brand. Businesses today are increasingly realizing the importance of removing that friction from the customer journey. In an ever-more competitive and disruptive market, brands are looking to differentiate themselves through efficient, effective, and high-quality experiences on the customer’s channel of choice.

Enlighten AI enables organizations to deliver on that imperative. Purpose-built from specialized CX datasets, Enlighten AI analyzes every second of every conversation and injects intelligence into every step of a customer’s journey. These insights are embedded in NICE CX applications and processes and delivered natively across the cloud platform, accelerating action and turning customer service into a real competitive differentiator with AI models that: 

Discover the best automation opportunities for self-service by automatically analyzing conversational data and delivering the necessary intelligence to build more effective self-service applications.

♦ Pair customers with agents in real-time for the best interaction to optimize any outcome.

♦ Measure agents’ soft-skill behaviors objectively and drive customer satisfaction metrics on 100% of interactions.

♦ Sharpen agents’ sales skills with behavioral insights on every interaction.

♦ Identify and manage customer complaints automatically to protect brands from reputational and compliance risks.

♦ Monitor live interactions to give agents and supervisors “in-the-moment” behavioral coaching and next-best-action recommendations.

♦ Extend the conversation when appropriate by offering conversational, contextually rich surveys that deliver high-quality feedback.

What’s most impressive about Enlighten AI is the exponential impact across the contact center, and the ability to eliminate friction across the entire customer journey. It closes the gap between the experiences organizations can deliver and the perfect experiences that consumers have come to demand. Learn more about how Enlighten AI helps organizations stay one step ahead of consumer expectations. 

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