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Sharon Einstein

Vice President Customer Engagement Analytics LOB, NICE

Articles by Sharon Einstein

Using the power of AI - NICE

The applicability and benefits of AI-driven solutions to improve CX, reduce costs, and save time are growing exponentially.

AI 50 Trailblazer: NICE - Removing Friction in the Customer Experience with AI

NICE Enlighten AI uses AI and machine learning technology to help brands deliver exceptional CX by meeting customers on the channel of their choice and infusing those interactions with data and insights, based upon billions of historical customer interactions across many industries.

Digital Adoption Soars, AI Helps Leaders Remove Friction from the Customer Journey

Enlighten AI provides an exponential impact across the contact center, and the ability to eliminate friction across the entire customer journey. It closes the gap between the experiences organizations can deliver and the perfect experiences that consumers have come to demand.

AI 50 Trailblazer: NICE nexidia - The Power of AI in Transforming Customer Experience

With Enlighten AI for CX, every second of every conversation is analyzed to identify the successful behaviors that drive extraordinary experiences. CX organizations now have a complete, objective, and automated analysis of every interaction. A suite of innovative CX solutions operationalizes these insights, accelerating action and turning customer service into a real competitive differentiator.