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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2019

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IDERA Software: Aqua Data Studio—A universal database integrated development environment for database developers, DBAs, and analysts that allows users to develop, access, manage, and visually analyze data—whether working with relational, NoSQL, or cloud databases.

Igloo Software: Digital Workplace Solutions—Are 100% cloud-based, mobile-enabled, and integrate with the leading enterprise systems and cloud apps that businesses rely on, centralizing a single source of truth and enabling a more productive and engaged workforce.

Import.io: Import.io Web Data Integration—Offers a new approach to acquiring and managing web data by extracting, preparing, and integrating high-quality comprehensive web data into customers’ analytics platforms and business applications without requiring engineering teams to constantly be writing code and monitoring quality.

Inbenta: Inbenta Search—Patented natural language processing technology—with the ability to customize the look and feel of the search experience—that comprehends the intent behind customers’ questions to help them find the right answers and cut down on support costs.

KMS lighthouse: Lighthouse Desktop—State-of-the-art SaaS knowledgebase solution designed for contact centers, head offices, and branches and aimed at improving customer engagement center performance as well as the customers’ service experience, while reducing centers’ routine operational expenses.

Knosys: KIQ Cloud—A knowledge management platform that supports teams by simply and intelligently centralizing everything that’s important to the organization—making company information easy to access and control with relevance and clarity.

Kyndi: Kyndi AI Platform—Uses machine learning to streamline business processes and offer auditable AI systems for enterprises and government while also helping to mitigate human bias in extracting knowledge and answers from data—without having to sacrifice “explainability.”

Lucidea: InMagic Presto—Allows users to manage any type of data or information in a consolidated knowledge center, connecting people with internal resources and third-party content, and alerting them to new content via RSS feeds—from a single access point.

Lucidworks: Lucidworks Fusion—A development platform that incorporates machine learning and AI technologies into search applications, and whose latest release includes increased usability for product owners and domain experts to deploy AI-powered solutions to build a more powerful digital experience.

Microsoft: Microsoft Yammer Enterprise—Helps improve engagement with everyone in the organization through social networking, enhancing communication to build a culture of transparency—keeping everyone from leadership to firstline workers—informed, aligned, and moving forward.

Mindbreeze: Mindbreeze InSpire—An appliance and cloud service that supports employees in their different roles by connecting all information from throughout the digital workplace and providing personalized views that concretely support each different department. Click here for more product details.

Mitek Systems (Previously A2iA): Mitek Systems Mobile Verify—With hundreds of AI-based analytics, algorithms, and biometric facial comparison, Mobile Verify is a next-generation digital ID verification software designed for the world’s leading brands and financial services organizations.

Mozenda: Mozenda Cloud-Hosted Software—Includes web-scraping features such as simultaneous processing, premium harvesting, API access, folders, request blocking, notifications, templates, agent grouping, and job sequencing to allow organizations to get the data needed.

NetDocuments: NetDocuments—A cloud productivity and security platform that allows users to create, view, edit, and share doc­uments on a range of devices without having to worry about putting clients’ data at risk. Click here for more product details.

Nintex USA: Nintex—Provides intelligent process automation capabilities within a nocode platform that empower line of business workers to automate, orchestrate, and optimize business processes without waiting for IT.

Northern Light Group: Northern Light Group SinglePoint—A custom-built enterprise knowledge management platform that seamlessly integrates and enables full-text search of all research resources to create an invaluable competitive intelligence portal.

Nuxeo: Nuxeo Content Management—Empowers organizations to discover and unlock the value of information by working with, not against, existing systems to extract value and insight from day one. 

Ontotext: Ontotext GraphDB—An enterprise-ready semantic graph database, compliant with W3C Standards, and offering RDF and SPARQL support, that provides the infrastructure for solutions where modeling agility, data integration, relationship exploration, and cross-enterprise data publishing and consumption are important. Click here for more product details.

OpenText: OpenText Enterprise Information Management—Enterprise information management solutions that manage the creation, capture, use, and eventual lifecycle of structured and unstructured information, allowing organizations to extract value from their information, secure that information, and meet compliance requirements.

Oracle: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud—A new class of offering that requires zero operational administration on the customer’s part, enabling cloud data warehousing that is easy, fast, and elastic.

Panasonic System Communications Company: FacePRO—Facial recognition solution that automatically matches a person’s face using live or recorded video from Panasonic i-PRO cameras to a database of enrolled faces and performs notification and alerting of face matches.

Panopto: Panopto—A video platform that helps businesses and universities improve the way that they train, teach, and share knowledge, providing users with video management, recording, live streaming, inside-video search, quizzing, analytics, mobile, and more.

Panviva: Panviva Knowledge Cloud—A cloud-based knowledge management and performance support platform that helps capture knowledge assets that are often dispersed throughout organizations and offers a user interface that gives GPS-like access to all information and process navigation delivering the right information for the right task.

Parascript: Parascript FormXtra—A document classification, data location, extraction, and validation solution that increases performance on complex document classification and separation while reducing the effort required to achieve high performance.

Planbox: Planbox—An agile innovation management platform that employs advanced search technology, AI, and machine learning to automate information discovery and autonomous idea creation from all internal and external data sources.

Powell Software: Powell 365—A  ready-made and customizable digital workplace built on top of Office 365 that enables an out-of-the-box intranet solution with preconfigured templates and tools to provide an engaging and collaborative digital workplace for users while taking advantage of Microsoft technologies.

ProcessMaker: ProcessMaker—Enterprise business process management and workflow software solutions that improve organizational efficiency and enable business analysts to build, run, report, and optimize business processes within an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Raytion: Raytion Enterprise Search Connectors—Vendor-independent enterprise search connectors that enable users to securely and easily retrieve business-critical information from heterogeneous enterprise systems and applications without the risk of jeopardizing the security and confidentiality of documents.

Relativity: RelativityOne—A platform for e-discovery that gives users the tools to tackle any challenge, whether it’s litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation, and allows them to take advantage of the advanced analytics, machine learning, and visualizations to quickly sift through volumes of data.

Reprints Desk: Reprints Desk Article Galaxy—A solution that addresses all research needs in one platform—supporting one-click access to scientific content, personalized data insights, literature management, and staffed customer service.

Rivet Logic: RivetLogic—Rivet Logic offers enterprises riveting digital experiences with solutions driven by content and optimized by data that is built with deep technical expertise in leading open source and cloud software.

SAS: SAS Viya—SAS Viya extends the SAS Platform to enable everyone—data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives alike—to collaborate and realize innovative results faster.

ScienceSoft: ScienceSoft S3GRAF—Software that enables engineers to enhance their productivity and make key decisions using functionality to visualize and analyze reservoir data from a range of simulators.

SearchBlox Software: SearchBlox Software SearchAI—A search personalization module from SearchBlox that makes search easier by combining the right tools in the enterprise to help organizations personalize the search results so that users find the information they are looking for quickly and intelligently.

Semantic Web Company: PoolParty Semantic Suite—An AI platform based on semantic technologies and machine learning that supports enterprises in information and metadata management, data analytics, and content excellence by helping them build and manage enterprise knowledge graphs as a basis for various AI applications.

Semlr: Semlr—Built on technologies for intelligent search, content analysis, and dynamic assembly, the knowledge transfer platform unpacks the content, allowing it to be remixed into new documents, and then discovered, shared, and accessed online.

Signavio: Signavio Process Manager—An intuitive BPM solution for professional process modeling that is part of Signavio Business Transformation Suite and captures, connects, and communicates how work is done and where decisions are made, then delivers that information to Signavio Collaboration Hub.

Simpplr: Simpplr—Provides employee intranet software that improves company communication by combining intelligence, immersive user experience, and tight integration with other applications to heighten employee engagement and improve workplace productivity.

Sinequa: Sinequa Insight Platform—Offers instant insights extracted from structured and unstructured data for companies and government agencies with its cognitive search and analytics tools. Click here for more product details.

SMARSH: SMARSH connected Capture—Content capture solutions for the modern workforce across email, social, mobile, IM, collaboration and voice channels, directly from the source.

Smartlogic: Semaphore—A semantic AI platform that enables organizations to reveal qualified contextual data and extract knowledge from information to gain business insight.

Springer Nature: Springer for R&D—Provides immediate access to quality STM research for corporate researchers and is used by companies as a trusted source to increase effectiveness, support decision making, accelerate R&D, and innovation.

Stardog: Stardog Knowledge Graph Platform—A platform that combines graph database technology and a powerful AI-based knowledge toolkit to enable fast and flexible data unification so users can query, analyze, and uncover hidden insights.

Synaptica: Synaptica KMS—Scalable enterprise taxonomy management system that improves retrieval by mapping terms to alternative synonyms, aliases, and acronyms and improves discovery by providing navigational paths to find broader, narrower, and related content.

Systemware: Systemware Content Cloud—Enables organizations to connect legacy and distributed information across the organization, and allows users to find and extract information from wherever it is stored and transform and deliver information in the context needed.

Transversal: Transversal Prescience for Self-Service—Self-service solution for customer interaction that leverages cognitive technologies to understand human context, anticipate future dialog, and improve the self-service experience.

Unika.ai: Unika—A next-generation knowledge management platform that helps organizations improve productivity and efficiency, and now includes an AI-powered Intelligent Knowledge Assistant that derives answers, finds assets, and connects users with the right people.

Upland Software: RightAnswers—Knowledge software to help make IT help desk and customer service agents more productive, improving both employee and customer experiences with a centralized knowledge hub to create, maintain, and locate relevant information quickly.

Vanguard Software: Vanguard ECM—Enterprise content management software that provides intelligent data extraction to make filing, storing, locating, and using business documents easier and more efficient and also  serve as a support to compliance initiatives.

Verint Systems: Verint Systems Workforce Engagement—A platform that recognizes that employees are the key to successful customer engagement and allows them to work anywhere, anytime with cloud-based tools that help simplify their jobs and deliver exceptional experiences.

Veritas Technology: Veritas 360 Data Management—A suite for comprehensive multi-cloud data management that combines data protection with global visibility, regulatory compliance, business continuity, workload mobility, and storage optimization.

ViewPointe: ViewPointe OnPointe—Enables users to modernize their approach to information management through a more cost-effective approach that addresses evolving needs.

Vmoso: Vmoso 2019—Brings together the sophistication of Vmoso’s platform for digital engagement with an intuitive new user interface, making Vmoso’s communication and collaboration features accessible to everyone.

Voyager Search: VOSE—Delivers the future of smart, spatial search with a decentralized, highly scalable solution that includes two new applications, more machine learning and AI capabilities, the Flex Index to support large-scale deployments, and all of the features of the existing Voyager Server licenses.

Widen: Widen Digital Asset Management—Allows users to centralize videos, images, and creative files in one powerful hub—the Widen Collective—empowering marketers, salespeople, and partners to find the content they need and use it imaginatively.

Xillio: Xillio API—Supports most known repositories and saves time for developers who can then quickly and easily access many content repositories and applications or build functionality that provides users efficient access to the right content.

Yext: Yext Knowledge Manager—A centralized hub to manage all the facts consumers seek about people, places, and products—from locations, holiday hours, and in-store promotions to parking entrances and professional credentials.

Zoho: Zoho CRM—Enables organizations of all sizes to reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage them across every channel with Zoho CRM software, helping them to close more deals.

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