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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2019

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Better experiences for customers and employees, faster access to the right information when and where it is needed, automation of routine business tasks, intelligent insights from text and recordings, smarter search with personalized insights, unified information governance across silos—these are among the goals of new tools and enhanced platforms in the knowledge management market.

Across a broad range of industries—healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, retail, transportation, financial services, and others—the focus for new and enhanced products is to improve the outcome of processes, decisions, and interactions.

To help get the word out about noteworthy solutions, each year, KMWorld compiles a list of key products that are advancing what is possible in knowledge management. Some are tried-and-true and have familiar names, while others may be new arrivals on the KM scene.

The offerings on our list of 2019 KMWorld Trend-Setting Products result from both radical innovation and continuous evolution. Some solutions break new ground with inventive use of technology while others take existing capabilities and continue to refine them to meet emerging requirements.

Whether well-established or just launched, however, one thing is the same. They are all targeted at helping organizations achieve their knowledge management objectives and the digital transformation they need to succeed.

ABBYY: Vantage—An enterprise platform providing human-like cognitive skills—to intelligent automation platforms such as robotic process automation and business process automation—that can be leveraged by enterprise companies in financial services and insurance, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and other industries.

Accenture Digital: Accenture Applied Intelligence—An approach to combining AI with data, analytics, and automation to transform a business across every function and every process at scale using services and solutions that maximize existing investments and then extend new technologies across the organization.

Access Innovations: Data Harmony—A suite of products that provides thesaurus construction and database management tools to publishers, database producers, online and web-based directory publishers, corporate libraries, web portals, and to corporations and associations with large intranets. Click here for more product details.

Accusoft: PrizmDoc Suite—Through a collection of RESTful APIs and UI components, PrizmDoc helps web developers embed document viewing, editing, processing, and conversion into their applications with ease to deliver the functionality users want anytime and anywhere. Click here for more product details.

Adlib Software: Adlib File Analytics solutionsAllows more than 5,500 customers globally to elevate their content and derive the insight that is needed to support critical decision making, drive efficient business processes, and secure competitive advantage.

Adobe: Adobe Experience Cloud—An open and extensible platform that stitches together data from across the enterprise, enabling real-time customer profiles leveraging Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning, and activates content based on these customer profiles to deliver relevant experiences in real time.

Alaris, A Kodak Alaris Business: Alaris IN2 Ecosystem—Taking an integrated approach to information capture, the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem offers document scanners and integrated software designed to work together, partners with deep experience to deliver solutions at scale, and services to help keep information capture solutions running flawlessly.

AODocs: AOBox—A platform that allows individuals, multinational companies, and everyone in between to access and share files directly through Google Drive—and even share Drive folders with people who don’t have a Google account.

ASG Technologies: ASG Data Intelligence—Helps CDOs mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance through policy-driven data governance and also enables businesses to make better and faster decisions through self-service analytics, leveraging cloud and big data analyzers that make sense of the data technologies across the hybrid enterprise.

Astute Solutions: Astute Software Suite—Drives the future of consumer engagement by contextually blending human and AI and enables companies to provide more efficient customer service, protect their brands, and increase customer loyalty.

Attivio: Attivio Cognitive Search and Insight Platform—Combines self-learning technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graphing to deliver a contextualized search and discovery experience with a secure enterprise platform that powers solutions in the areas of knowledge management, Customer 360, and communication analytics.

AuraPortal: BPM Digital Platform—BPM software that offers design and execution of all operating processes, regardless of their complexity, without any additional programming, providing solutions for enterprises and organizations of any size—from small businesses right through to corporations with millions of processes and/or users.

BA Insight: SmartHub—An AI-driven platform that provides an internet-like enterprise search experience and integration with industry-leading AI platforms to provide a range of capabilities, including natural language query, natural language processing, user-driven relevancy, and personalization.

Bamboo Solutions, a global brand of SPX: Sharepoint Apps from Bamboo Solutions—Standalone applications that perform specific tasks on a SharePoint site, such as managing a discussion board or knowledgebase, project management or time tracking tasks, or doing other workflow operations, in order to help extend SharePoint beyond its out-of-the-box capabilities.

Bloomfire: Bloomfire Knowledge Sharing Platform—Helps to ensure teams are aligned and informed with access to the same knowledge by democratizing information, reducing time spent searching, preventing knowledge loss, keeping teams aligned, finding content at the right time, and increasing content confidence.

BP Logix: BP Logix Process Director—An intuitive business process management and workflow software platform for building and operating workflow-driven business applications that enable faster time-to-value, greater flexibility, and deep insight into the business.

Cambridge Semantics: AnzoGraph—A native, massively parallel processing, distributed graph OLAP database that provides advanced analytics at big data scale, and offers an open W3C standards-based database to prevent vendor “lock-in” from proprietary technologies.

CogniVision: CogniVision—An enterprise productivity platform for electronic content management systems to efficiently manage digital documents that provide an intuitive search engine, a cognitive image-centric viewer, and a workspace console tightly integrated with MS Office Products and key functionalities.

Colligo: Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft Office 365—An add-in that provides secure knowledge and records capture to Microsoft SharePoint for Office 365 deployments, complementing the advanced data governance features of Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, and enabling workers to file emails and attachments to SharePoint on-the-go.

Conscia: Conscia— Provides a content intelligence platform used across industries to unify content from legacy and siloed content repositories into a single view, enrich it for easier discovery, and personalize delivery for enhanced customer, employee, and partner experiences.

Copyright Clearance Center: RightFind Solutions—Content workflow solutions that integrate seamlessly with CCC’s licenses and organizations’ subscriptions, saving money by accelerating the flow of research and streamlining information management operations so they can find the content they need—anywhere, anytime.

Coveo: Coveo Platform—Combines unified content, unified interactions, and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, ecommerce, contact centers, intranets, and digital properties and apps effortless, content-rich, and effective.

Datalogics: FLIP2PDF—A tool that allows users to convert Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, images, PostScript, and EPS files into PDFs, giving users control over their file conversion process, including customization based on their specific needs.

Dell Technologies: Dell Technologies Unified Workspace—An integrated solution designed with intelligence and automation to empower organizations with visibility across the entire endpoint environment, simplifying the device lifecycle for IT while providing workers with the personalized, frictionless, ready-to-work experience they demand.

Deloitte: Social Impact Measurement Model (SIMM)—A machine learning tool that forecasts the results of a large corporate investment—such as opening a new office or headquarters—on a community, across more than 75 social measures, and quantifies the social impact of the investment.

Digimarc: Intuitive Computing Platform—Technology for identifying, discovering, and interact­ing with digitally-enhanced media and objects, that now offers Digimarc Bar­code, a method of improving packaging, images, and audio with data.

eContext: eContext Semantic Text Classification—Enables the classification of any type of text—social media posts, content, search data, news, or video transcripts—taking unstructured text from any source and making human-readable data at scale so that users can interpret the signals that matter.

eGain: eGain Solve —A CX software suite that helps businesses design and deliver customer journeys across social, mobile, the web, and contact centers that is available in multiple editions, including eGain Mobile, eGain Solve for Cisco, eGain Solve for Avaya, and eGain Solve for Amazon Connect. 

ELO Digital Office USA: ELO iSearch—A smart search application that helps users find information and documents quickly in the ELO repository from a variety of applications, including ERP systems, CRM systems, and email programs, with the ability to easily widen or refine a search with intuitive filter options.

Empolis Information Management: Empolis Smart Cloud—A platform as a service offering, instantly available for professional information management in the cloud, that allows users to develop and operate their own applications and adapt them to customers’ working environments.Click here for more product details.

Ephesoft: Ephesoft Transact—Allows customers to put information to work and do business faster by incorporating supervised machine learning software that identifies types of documents and fields to be extracted based on user-provided examples.

Everteam: everteam.discover—A tool that lets users find, organize, classify, and manage content in systems and repositories across an organization from a central location, while simplifying regulatory compliance, preserving sensitive data, and migrating documents to archives or the cloud.

Expert System: Cogito Artificial Intelligence platform—Understands textual information and automatically processes natural language, and adds new updates in the areas of knowledge graphs, machine learning, and RPA to help organizations accelerate and simplify the adoption of AI in their business workflows.

Feith Systems and Software: The Feith Platform—Enables electronic information, documents, files, and emails to be stored centrally in one system, available for collaborative usage, searchable, from any location, with the ability to visually track critical data and key performance indicators in customizable graphs.

Fishbowl Solutions: ControlCenter—An all-in-one solution for ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and automating document control, that provides a modern user experience that enables management of policies, procedures, and other critical documents throughout their entire lifecycle.

France Labs: Datafari—An open source enterprise search solution that comes with connectors, a big data architecture, and advanced use of AI and machine learning to optimize relevancy and provide a global view of company data.

Fujitsu America: Total Managed Store—Brings together everything organizations need to enable connected retail—sourcing, deploying, and managing in-store tech; monitoring and maintenance of backoffice systems; the outsourcing of legal and compliance; and equipping, training, and supporting store associates.

Guru: Guru Platform—Unifies an organization’s collective knowledge, verifies its accuracy, and empowers revenue teams, creating an active network of knowledge that learns and grows, and, using AI, suggests relevant knowledge in real-time in every application.

Hyland Software: OnBase—Hyland’s flagship product is a single enterprise information platform that is designed to manage content, processes, and cases, centralizing business content in one secure location, and delivering relevant information when needed.

IBM: IBM Integrated Analytics System—A high-performance, integrated data warehouse appliance that provides performance, scaling, and reliability using a unique architecture that combines current trends in processor, network, and software technologies to deliver an advanced system for large enterprise customers.

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