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Yext adds AI-led recommendation capabilities to revolutionize search strategies

Yext, Inc., the leading digital presence platform for multi-location brands, is aiming to redefine how brands optimize their discoverability in with the announcement of Listings Recommendations—enhancing search strategies by providing actionable AI-led insights and advice.

Leveraging a robust data science framework, Yext’s innovative AI technology, and nearly 20 years of historical performance data across thousands of brands globally, Yext is transforming how brands optimize their digital discoverability and customer engagement, according to the company.

With search tools and customer preferences changing rapidly and brands facing resource constraints, managing a basic listings strategy is no longer enough. The key to success is making sure a search strategy pivots quickly to capitalize on trends and opportunities to improve results.

With Listings Recommendations, Yext redefines how this work gets done and accelerates the path to results, according to the company.

By applying Yext AI models to the largest, most comprehensive set of structured business data, Listings Recommendations proactively generates timely, accurate and relevant suggestions for improving listings performance.

Key features within Listings Recommendations include:

  • Proactive Recommendations: Whether suggesting that a customer sync information to more publishers, fill out more fields, add local photos, or include high-intent keywords in a business description, Yext proactively provides recommendations that make it easy for customers to optimize their listings at scale to remain competitive.
  • Insights Supported by Data Science: Leveraging the largest dataset in the industry, customers can now see the quantifiable impact of changes on their listings performance. Yext's team of skilled data scientists apply advanced language models and algorithms to extract meaningful insights from complex datasets. By applying these cutting-edge data science methodologies, Yext uncovers valuable new patterns, trends, and correlations within the data.
  • Listings Monitoring: Yext’s advanced AI algorithms and machine learning models are trained to recognize patterns and anomalies within business listings data. Yext proactively identifies areas of underperformance and alerts customers with actionable recommendations to improve the health of every listing.

“Nearly 20 years ago, Yext revolutionized the way listings were managed with groundbreaking technology. Since then, we have been focused on building the most robust AI-enabled capabilities in the industry to improve how brands manage their digital presence at scale,” said Jason LaFollette, chief technology officer at Yext. “Listings Recommendations leverages the industry’s largest publisher network, the largest and most comprehensive dataset and AI technology that is far ahead of any other platform. With the ability to give customers deep insights and take action much faster, it’s a new day in the listings space.”

For more information on Yext’s Listings Recommendations, visit www.yext.com.  

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