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Xerox Adds New Industry-Specific Workflow Automation Solutions

Xerox has launched 15 new workflow solutions that automate the way organizations deal with globalization, address compliance requirements, and address customer demands.

According to Mike Feldman, president, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox, with more people using mobile and digital devices in the workplace, businesses are facing higher expectations from employees and customers to advance their digital transformation. The 15 new solutions are intended to simplify and speed up complex processes, as well as to allow organizations to interact with their customers, employees and suppliers regardless of the platform.

The new suite of Xerox solutions spans three industries – manufacturingretail banking, and higher education – to elevate what the company describes as manual, error-prone processes into automated and accurate approaches. In addition, the automation solutions organize important information originating from multiple sources – in both paper and digital form – to enable organizations to share content across multiple channels.

To help bring products to market faster, reduce cost structures, grow sales and create more competition, Xerox introduced five new automation solutions for leaner manufacturing: Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Research and Development (R&D) Testing; Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Engineering Change Management; Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions for Quality Assurance; Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Logistics and Fulfillment; and Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO).

And, to support banks’ need to expand their omnichannel capabilities, enabling customers to complete banking transactions on a variety of different screens such as mobile devices, online portals and smart ATMs, Xerox has introduced three new automation solutions for retail banking: Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for New Client Onboarding; Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Fraud Information Management; and Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Compliance and Records Management

And, finally, Xerox has introduced seven new automation tools to streamline a range of processes related to higher education.

The retail banking, manufacturing, and higher education solutions are available in North America and Xerox Europe now.

More information is available at www.xerox.com.

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