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Veritone Legal Partners with BIA to Improve E-Discovery and Legal Compliance

Veritone, a provider of cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) analytics and cognitive solutions, has signed an agreement with Business Intelligence Associates, (BIA), a provider of managed legal services, through which BIA will license Veritone Legal’s Veritone Artificial Intelligence Platform (VAIP) to advance its e-discovery and compliance capabilities for the analysis and discovery of audio and video data. 

Veritone’s VAIP provides AI-based media capture, indexing, and search capabilities to its clients in the legal, financial services, and life sciences markets.

BIA will leverage Veritone’s cloud-based VAIP to help simplify and decrease the costs associated with e-discovery search beyond text documents, enabling users to access audio and video files that have previously been largely unusable in litigation and proactive compliance efforts due to the high cost, time, and manpower involved.

BIA will offer the Veritone Artificial Intelligence Platform to its customers in the legal, financial services and life sciences markets to enable them to help them manage data for litigation, regulatory matters, and investigations. With the new capabilities, BIA will provide these customers with a platform for managing audio and video data in litigation discovery and compliance processes.

Through the VAIP, audio and video recordings are ingested at scale and automatically transcribed. The resulting content is searchable and accessible in the cloud, improving the way audio and video media can be organized and searched.

For more information, go to www.veritone.com.

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