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Transform the enterprise with UiPath’s Business Automation Platform enhancements

UiPath, an enterprise automation software company, is introducing new platform features to help customers gain real value by transforming millions of tasks and thousands of processes across the enterprise with AI and automation, creating capacity for new ideas and unleashing worker productivity.

According to the company, new innovations from UiPath lower the barrier between vision and reality for organizations by using AI to uncover automation opportunities, expand what can be automated, and make automation faster, easier, and more accessible to all.

Solving real-world business problems with AI at work, features include:  

  • UiPath Autopilot uses the combined power of GenAI and specialized AI to improve productivity for everyone. This release delivers previews for Autopilot for Studio, Apps, and Test Suite, offering solutions for both new and experienced developers and testers. New connectors for GenAI add support for key ecosystems and models including OpenAI, Google Vertex AI, AWS Bedrock, and Meta.
  • UiPath Document Understanding delivers an enhanced experience for building and monitoring. It also adds GenAI extraction, classification, and model pre-labeling which accelerates model training by 80%, according to the company.
  • UiPath Communications Mining now uses a blend of specialized AI and GenAI to deliver answers to reporting and analytics queries faster for improved business insights.

This platform update brings new tooling and testing muscle that developers need to turn AI insights into real world automations faster:

  • The addition of coded automation enables automation completely written in code rather than using low-code activities.
  • A new Solutions Management feature set simplifies installing, maintaining, and updating advanced automation projects with multiple components.
  • Consistent VB expressions across UiPath Apps and UiPath Studio for more power and flexibility.

New features provide deeper insights into the workforce, processes, and automation—and how they function together:

  • UiPath Process Mining delivers a new model-based process graph that accurately depicts real business processes, incorporating exclusive choices, looping, and parallelism. Data integration is now faster and simpler with a new inline editor that allows customized transformations in the browser.
  • Advancements in UiPath Task Mining and Process Mining provide greater insight into both human workforce dynamics and the work of robots executing automated processes. This improves the ability to spot operational inefficiencies, compliance gaps, and opportunities for improvement in both manual and automated processes.

UiPath Automation Cloud delivers an enterprise-grade foundation to run a mission-critical automation program at high scale with the simplicity of SaaS. New capabilities include:

  • SAP Endorsed Certification shows how enterprises can deliver automation across the organization for critical ERP workflows.
  • New unattended robot configuration, role/permission, and video diagnosis features.
  • Automated domain join, bring your own image, and enhanced software updates for Automation Cloud Robots.

For more information about this news, visit www.uipath.com.

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