Nintex Unveils New Cloud-Based Workflow Analytics Platform

Nintex, a provider of workflow automation tools, is releasing a new cloud-based workflow analytics service.

The new platform, called Nintex Hawkeye, can now capture, monitor, measure, and assess workflow analytics.

According to John Burton, Nintex CEO, Nintex Hawkeye is an explicit effort to improve workflow analytics in the same way the company has helped its customers and partners automate their business processes.

Nintex Hawkeye uses business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Tableau to generate the visualization of workflow analytics in the form of dashboards by simply connecting to industry standard OData APIs.

Other features of the solution include the visibility of key metrics such as workflow user participation or the number of automated business processes by department in an aggregated view of the process portfolio; intelligence on data, content and other systems with which Nintex workflows interact plus the ability to drill down and filter by types of processes, users, and roles to derive valuable process intelligence; and the ability to proactively monitor and manage Nintex workflows, identify opportunities for additional automation, and target workflows that need improvement to quickly optimize organizational effectiveness.

For more information about this new solution, visit www.nintex.com

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